Chapter 1414: Instant Kill

Chapter 1414: Instant Kill

The white mist that originally enveloped the crowd disappeared without a trace as if they had received some order.

The confinement space was dispelled.

Everyone in Huang Medical Branch stared blankly at the young man who seemed to be shining brightly under the sun. Everyone couldn’t help crying with joy.

Xi Yue is back! Xi Yue is really back!

The elders of the Doctors Association all took a step back. Suddenly they felt as if their breath was choked by something. They felt the fear of death for a while.

As soon as Elder Qi took a step back, he said angrily in shock, “So what if he is powerful? So what if it is a perfect advancement? ​​He is just at the Gold Core Stage. We have so many Nascent Soul Stage, why are we afraid of him! I’ll teach this brat a lesson!”

As Elder Qi spoke, he clenched the long sword in his hand and rushed toward Hexi.

However, Hexi didn’t seem to care Elder Qi’s movements at all. She spread her slender fingers lightly and looked at her and jade-like palm in a leisurely manner. A slender sword glowing with colorful light slowly appeared in her palm.

“Hi, buddy!” Hexi held the hilt of Li Shui Sword with a faint smile. “Now, I can finally unleash your true strength.”

She had never understood how powerful the upgraded Li Shui Sword was. Until today, she could finally touch that realm.

The long sword swung lightly, drawing a beautiful arc in the air.

“I’ll kill you–!”

Before Elder Qi could finish his words, his eyes suddenly widened in horror. He slowly lowered his head and looked at his body in shock. His body was split in half bit by bit. A viscous liquid seeped out from the severed part.

Gold Core Stage VS Nascent Soul Stage, instant kill!

Hexi flicked the Li Shui Sword that was not stained with any liquid, smiled and looked at the terrified Doctors Association’s elders not far away. She said in a clear and sweet voice, “Who is next? Or, you all want to go together?”


At this time, in the magical beast forest, which was more than 10 miles away from the Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree, Lu Xuyang’s face was gloomy. He looked unwillingly in the direction of the shining white light not far away.

Just now, almost just now, Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree was about to become his possession.

However, all of a sudden, the Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree, which had been slowly withering, suddenly revived again as if it had received some kind of life force.

Immediately afterward, the power of the Nether Beastkin Bead was swallowed by a mysterious energy, and the soft light of the sacred tree bloomed again. The intruders who did not belong to the magical beast forest were also expelled from the range of the divine light.

Beside the sacred tree, the beastkins who were originally wounded watched their wounds heal one by one.

The air seemed to be filled with a powerful source of life power, allowing them to recover from desperation and regain life and hope.

Rank 9 tree beastkin watched his scorched branches slowly sprout, and tears streamed from his eyes.

They knelt down one by one and kowtowed to the Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree, “Thank you for the blessing, sacred tree! Without sacred tree, our beastkin clan would have been wiped out.”

Unexpectedly, the Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree suddenly trembled violently. The silvery leaves rubbed against each other and made a rustling sound.

The colorful light on the freshly grown flowers and fruits kept flickering as if telling the urgency and desire of the Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree.

The beastkins looked at each other, not knowing what happened.

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