Chapter 1415: Huge Power

Chapter 1415: Huge Power

At this moment, an old and ethereal voice came from the space. It sounded very far away and very near, “Wood source… it is wood source! I… need it… need it to save me!”

The voice was intermittent. It was saying with difficulty.

But the beastkins understood it. Because they understood it that they were extremely shocked.

Only the rank 9 tree beastkin’s eyes shone with blazing light. He tremblingly said, “Is it really wood source? Le… Let’s go and report to the king. We must let the owner of wood source saves Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree!”

“Grandpa tree beastkin, why save the Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree?” A beastkin asked curiously, “Isn’t Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree alive?”

“No! No!” rank 9 tree beastkin shook his head again and again. His face was full of urgency and joy, “Because the Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree has been protecting us and absorbing the filthy aura from us, so we beastkins can successfully transfigure human figures. But because of absorbing too much filthy aura, the Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree has become extremely weak. The tree heart has been completely corroded.”

“The only thing that can purify the filthy aura is the wood source. This is the only chance of the Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree, and it is also the greatest chance of our beastkin!”

“According to the guidance of the Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree, the person who owns the wood source is in the direction of the forest. We… we must find him as soon as possible!”

The beastkins all exclaimed in unison. The rank 9 tree beastkin rushed to inform the Beastkin King while the other beastkins continued to stand beside the Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree full of anticipation and urgency.

However, none of these beastkins noticed that behind a huge pine tree, there was a man wearing a scholar robe.

Lu Xuyang possessed beastkin power. Although he was expelled by Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree at first, after he completely covered up his human aura with beastkin aura, Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree couldn’t notice him.

Originally, Lu Xuyang’s heart was full of resentment. The Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree would soon belong to him, but it was in vain in the end.

But now, hearing the conversation between Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree and beastkins, the disappointment in Lu Xuyang’s eyes instantly turned into deep ecstasy.

Did I hear it right?

Wood source, and it is a human or beastkin who owns the wood source.

What does that represent? Is it the purest and rarest wood spiritual root?

If I get this wood spiritual root, what a huge power I would have!

Growing flesh from bone, reviving the dead? Those are just trivial matters! More importantly, I can dominate the growth and death of all things, I can communicate with the nature, and I can become the master of one world.

Flames were burning in Lu Xuyang’s eyes. He turned and rushed toward the direction pointed by Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree without hesitation.

I remember that there is the direction where the confinement space array is located.

In other words, the one who owns the wood source was either a student or an elder of Miracle Healer Academy or a beastkin of the magical beast forest, hehe. No matter who it is! I… will definitely find it!


Because of the arrival of the wood source, the Toad Jade Palace also underwent a change.

The Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree had not recovered enough, so the range of the divine light did not include the Jade Toad Palace.

However, due to the arrival of the wood source, the beastkins, who were seriously injured and dying, all recovered.

Even Feng Luan’s hand, which had been cut off, had regenerated its skeleton and was covered with flesh and blood.

Golden Wolf and others were stunned. They never thought that such a change would happen.

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