Chapter 1416: Turning Point

Chapter 1416: Turning Point

Many beastkins had their limbs and tendons cut off and their skin was stripped away, so they were useless as a pile of meat. Therefore, they didn’t even tie them up.

However, all of a sudden, these beastkins were healed. Even the skin that was stripped off grew out under their eyes.

Golden Wolf’s eyes widened. He gasped loudly, “How is this possible?!”

The Beastkin King’s reaction was extremely fast. With a wave of the red robe, those beastkins were gathered in the secret room.

He also retreated inside and used the last bit of spiritual power to quickly set up a defensive barrier.

Golden Wolf was too astounded for a moment. He watched all the beastkins run away, and his whole face twisted in anger.

“Beastkin King, what the hell have you done?!”

Before Beastkin King could speak, Feng Luan on the side was already looking at the far east. He knelt and kowtowed excitedly in the direction of the silver light, “It’s the sacred tree, it’s the sacred tree that blessed us! It’s the sacred tree that saved us again!”

Many beastkins had not yet been liberated from the emotions of despair, pain, and hatred. At this time, they slowly came back to their senses. Seeing their intact bodies and regrown flesh, they burst into tears of joy and kowtowed in the direction of the Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree.

All beastkins thought that their salvation was due to the gift of the Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree.

But only the Beastkin King knew that this was not the case.

Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree has long been damaged and can’t sustain itself. The sudden disappearance of the divine light is definitely due to a fatal attack.

Just relying on the Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree, it is impossible to heal beastkin’s wounds, even if it is the Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree that was at its peak.

Only… only the wood source.

Beastkin King clenched his fists. The pair of peach blossom eyes shone brightly.

God really favors our beastkin!

Today was their desperation and tribulation, but it was also their turning point and hope.

Golden Wolf took a deep breath and suppressed the resentment in his heart.

He already believed the words of these beastkins. It was the resurrection of the Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree that gave these beastkins a chance to escape.

That Lu Xuyang is so useless. I even gave him 2 Nether Beastkin Beads, but he couldn’t even take down that damn tree!

However, these animals, do they really think that they can escape from my hands?

If I can catch them once, I can catch them twice or thrice!

Golden Wolf sneered, “Beastkin King, if I saw it correctly, even if the wounds on these little beastkins are healed, the Sanskrit Voodoo Illusive Silk in your body cannot be dispelled. You can only exert 30% of your strength at best. How long do you think you can hold me with this little power?”

“You are all going to be enslaved by us in the end. Why don’t you come out obediently! Do you think you can change your miserable fate of being a slave by hiding in there?”

Beastkin King’s face was still a little pale. He sneered, “Of course there is a difference.”

“I know that you can break this defensive barrier sooner or later, but you will also have to pay a high price. What’s more, if the barrier really can’t hold, we can explode ourselves. Don’t you want our beastkin inheritance power? If we are dead, you will get nothing.”

“Humans, do you still feel that there is no difference in all this?”

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