Chapter 1417: Would Rather Die

Chapter 1417: Would Rather Die

Golden Wolf’s angry complexion was twisted. The hands hanging by his side were tightly clenched.

Yes, that’s the damn difference! Just a slight carelessness, I lost the initiative.

“Go! Use all the magic weapons and blast the defensive barrier in the shortest possible time!”

“I don’t believe that all of them have the guts to commit suicide!”

Golden Wolf’s words made all the martial artists move. The lowest level of these martial artists was at the Nascent Soul Stage, and the highest level was at the Soul Splitting Stage. Every attack was unbearable for ordinary people.

Bang—” There was a loud noise. The defensive barrier swayed violently.

In the secret room, Beastkin King’s face was pale. He spat out a mouthful of blood. The blood soaked the blood-red robe. The strong smell of blood spread in the room.

“King! Please don’t support the barrier anymore! Leave us alone!” All beastkins finally couldn’t help crying.

“King, with your ability, you will be able to escape by yourself. I beg you to leave quickly! We don’t regret dying. I only hope that King will avenge us in the future!”

All the beastkins knelt down in front of the red-robed and black-haired Beastkin King, crying and begging. Some beastkin even raised their sharp claws and wanted to commit suicide, but the Beastkin King stopped them.

He pursed his chapped lips and said with a leisurely smile, “Since you called me King, how can I run away alone? Without you, am I still King?”

Beastkin King’s voice was slightly hoarse and unusually calm, but the words made several young beastkins couldn’t help crying out.

The Beastkin King took a deep breath, looked at Golden Wolf who was madly attacking the barrier with his deep and cold eyes, and said with a low smile, “I said, even if I die, you will have to pay a high price. I always do as I say.”

As beastkin King said, he glanced at the little beastkins around him and slowly said, “Are you afraid of death?”

“We are not afraid!”

“Rather than being captured by the despicable humans, we would rather die!”

“King, please go first. We are all not afraid of death!”

“Great!” The young man in a red robe showed a seemingly gorgeous and innocent smile on his face, “I also feel that rather than letting these humans succeed, it is better to die… with them!”

As soon as Beastkin King finished speaking, his hands joined together suddenly, forming a weird symbol.

The next moment, his lips turned a bright crimson red, then he spat out a red light ball.

As soon as the red light ball appeared, everyone saw what it was.

It was a fiery red toad. It was only fist size, but it emitted a terrifying flame that could burn iron and stone into ashes.

Ah—” Beastkins exclaimed and retreated one after another.

Most of them didn’t know what this thing was. They just felt incomparable fear and awe in their hearts when they saw it.

With the appearance of the fiery red toad, the entire Toad Jade Palace suddenly trembled violently. Most of the palace had already collapsed. Even the foundation began to crack and collapse.

When the fire toad appeared, the Toad Jade Palace collapsed and the magical beast forest was turned upside down!

Beastkin King suddenly opened his eyes. the gorgeous peach blossom eyes turned into vertical pupils, shining with a terrifying bloody light.

Golden Wolf gasped. For the first time, a bad premonition surged in his heart.

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