Chapter 1418: Jade Fire Toad

Chapter 1418: Jade Fire Toad

And tens of miles away, Hexi, who was playing with the elders of the Doctors Association, suddenly froze. Her sharp and suspicious eyes suddenly looked in the direction of Toad Jade Palace, and the ground under her feet made a buzzing sound.

In the void, Little Golden Dragon and Little Egg, who just woke up and haven’t even figured out the situation, screamed anxiously.

“Boss, it’s Jade Fire Toad. I feel it. It must be Jade Fire Toad!”

“Mom, I feel it too. It is something that can heal Daddy. Hurry up! I feel that it is dying. Mom, hurry up and grab it!”

Hearing the words Jade Fire Toad, Hexi was no longer in the mood to deal with people like the Doctors Association.

The Li Shui Sword soared into the sky. Thousands of sword lights turned into the scythe of death and slashed toward Elder Zhang of the Doctors Association.

Elder Zhang’s eyes were full of fear. He desperately took out a protective robe and put it on his head.

Schla!” There was a terrifying tearing sound. Elder Zhang’s eyes popped out with despair, looking at those sword lights tore the robe into pieces and eventually went through his body mercilessly.


For a moment, everyone in the nearby area was silent. Only the screams of Elder Zhang before his death echoed in the area.

Li Shui Sword circled and returned to Hexi’s hand deftly.

Hexi’s cold gaze swept over the few remaining elders of the Doctors Association elders as well as Lu Zhixi whose face was stained with blood and eyes were full of resentment and horror.

When Lu Zhixi spoke, she realized that her voice was trembling violently, “Xi Yue, what… what are you doing? You kill the elders of the Doctors Association like this, my father will not let you go…”

Before Lu Zhixi finished speaking, Hexi flicked her finger suddenly.

A black pill flew into Lu Zhixi’s mouth with a whiz.

Lu Zhixi’s voice stopped abruptly, then her body trembled. She swallowed the pill with a thud.

“You—! What the hell did you feed me?!” The screams sounded hysterically with fear.

But Hexi just sneered said,: “Aren’t you very afraid when will the corpse puppet virus in your body trigger? I just help you to advance that a little, but this is not the corpse puppet virus that will turn you into an insane monster, but a mutated poison that will make your whole body fester. I believe you will definitely like this poison!”

Lu Zhixi shook her head desperately with horror. She channeled the spiritual power to poison in her body, but with the channeling of the spiritual power, dense black spots appeared one after another on her jade white wrist like livor mortis.

“No! No—! Help me! Quick, someone help me!”

Seeing the disgusting appearance of her arm, Lu Zhixi was about to go crazy. She rushed to the elders of the Doctors Association and the deans of the Miracle Healer Academy, but everyone stepped back when seeing the black spots all over her and smelling the strong rancid smell. No one was willing to get close to her.

Ah!!” Lu Zhixi let out a scream. Finally, she couldn’t stand it anymore and passed out on the ground.

Hexi took out some more medicine bottles, handed them to Zeng Shouyue, and said lightly, “Dean Zeng, this is the medicine to detoxify the corpse puppet virus, you let everyone who has been scratched by the magic beast take it. After half an hour, the virus will be removed completely.”

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