Chapter 1419: Never Let Go

Chapter 1419: Never Let Go

Those students who had been worried about the corpse puppet virus in their bodies burst into smiles when they heard this.

Hexi glanced coldly at those from the pioneer branch who joined the attack and said with a half smile, “As for those who deserve to die, please don’t waste my medicine!”

Zeng Shouyue nodded repeatedly, looking at Hexi with excited and complicated eyes.

He had valued her from the very beginning and regarded her as the most outstanding genius.

But Zeng Shouyue didn’t expect that he still underestimated Xi Yue’s strength and talent. Now, even Zeng Shouyue couldn’t see through Xi Yue’s true strength. He even felt that he wasn’t her opponent at all.

Hexi gave the antidote of the corpse puppet virus to Zeng Shouyue, then she walked quickly to Li Chengqun, took out another bottle of medicinal pills and said faintly, “Although this is not the antidote for the Spirit Lock Pill, it has the opposite effect of the Spirit Lock Pill, and its effect is greater”

Li Chengqun took the medicinal pills with trembling hands, and his eyes were filled with tears, “I… I expelled you from the Heaven Medical Branch, why do you still save me!”

Hexi smiled indifferently, “You wanted to help me just now, didn’t you? Besides, I also want to ask Dean Li for help.”

“Say it, as long as I can do it!”

Hexi glanced coldly at the elders of the Doctors Association who had not yet fallen, and she said coldly, “I don’t have time to deal with these people now. Watch them for me, and don’t let anyone run away. If anyone dares to run away, kill without mercy!”

Li Chengqun looked at those people, and there was a burst of anger in his eyes. He nodded without hesitation.

Doctors Association actually tried to snatch Miracle Healer Academy, they really deserved to die 10,000 times.

Li Chengqun and Deputy Dean Jiang looked at each other. They saw the resolute cruelty in each other’s eyes.

Since the Doctors Association was heartless, then don’t blame them for being unjust. Even if Xi Yue didn’t say anything, they would never let this group of people go, let alone the instigator behind them – Lu Xuyang!

The remaining elders of the Doctors Association saw the elders of Miracle Healer Academy, who took the antidote, exuded a sharp and powerful aura, and fear surged in their minds.

At this moment, they finally felt the despair of being cornered.


At this time, Hexi was speeding on the way to Toad Jade Palace.

It wasn’t that Hexi didn’t want to finish off the elders of the Doctors Association, but those elders were martial artists at the Nascent Soul Stage after all. Unless she went all out, otherwise she couldn’t easily kill them with a single strike.

Most importantly, Hexi felt something was wrong with her body.

When she first advanced, she felt that she was full of strength. She even had the illusion that she could crush even the peak of the Nascent Soul Stage or even the powerhouse at the Soul Splitting Stage.

However, when the wood spiritual power that originally radiated outside was completely withdrawn, Hexi felt that her strength slowly returned to the normal level.

She was at the early stage of the Gold Core Stage, but she had a real strength that could rival the Nascent Soul Stage intermediate stage or even later stage.

But that was only 1 vs 1 situation. If she was besieged by a group of Nascent Soul Stages, she would definitely die without suspense.

However, recalling the seemingly invincible state just now, Hexi was still a little dazed. Why did my strength increase so much just now? Where did the huge energy go now?

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