Chapter 1420: Sneak Attack

Chapter 1420: Sneak Attack

“Mom, that is the life source of life. The most powerful and precious source of life that everyone covets crazily.”

“The source of life?” Hexi repeated in astonishment.

Then she discovered that Little Egg was not talking in the void, but talking to her directly with Divine Sense.

This is… to prevent other people from hearing it? Even Little Golden Dragon, Xiao Li and the others?

Although Little Egg was talking, his tone was flat and dignified, not like the usual lively Little Egg at all.

“Yes, the source of life. In God Domain, the source of life and the power of vital spirit are called the 2 greatest and most mysterious forces. Those who get them will control thousands of worlds.”

The source of life, the power of vital spirit? What is this all about? Huh? Vital spirit, why does it sound so familiar?

However, Hexi quickly put the thought behind her, “Then why do I feel weak again now?”

“Because mom, you still can’t really grasp the power of the source of life. Just now, the powerful spiritual power can make all things pilgrimage, make vegetation grow wildly, resurrect the dead, and regenerate the severed limbs, all because of the leaked source of life. But mom, you can’t really use it yet.”

“If you forcibly use the power of the source of life, it will overdraw mom’s lifespan and talent, so you must not do that. Mom, you must wait until 5 levels of the source powers are unlocked!”

Hexi frowned. Now she felt that her flight was becoming more and more difficult. Her spiritual power was full, but her vitality and physical strength were extremely overdrawn.

In other words, she only had spiritual power and spells now, but she didn’t even have the strength to stand up.

“So, I will become like this now because I have overdrawn my source of life?”

“No, it’s not just because of the source of life, the most important thing is because the Sumeru Ring Void is about to…”

Halfway through speaking, Little Egg stopped abruptly.

Hexi heard the anxious voice of Little Golden Dragon, “Boss, be careful! A sneak attack!”

Before Little Golden Dragon finished speaking, Hexi felt a sharp killing intent appear out of thin air.

She paused, and her whole body receded like an arrow.

The air in front of him slowly fluctuated, and a slender figure of a man in a scholar’s long gown slowly appeared. He had a warm smile, but his eyes were flickering with sinister light.

“Lu Xuyang!” Hexi narrowed her eyes suddenly.

For such a long time, although she had not dealt with Lu Xuyang directly, it did not mean that she did not know this person. Since she came here, the Doctors Association had been around her all the time, but now she didn’t expect to meet their highest authority.

The only rank 10 doctor in Miluo Continent and the youngest president of the Doctors Association, this person was not only unpredictable in strength, but in Hexi’s estimation, he was at least at the peak of the Nascent Soul Stage. What was even more terrifying was his strategy. The Doctors Association also prospered after he took over.

Hexi frowned tightly. Even in her prime, she might not be able to beat Lu Xuyang.

What’s more, she didn’t have any strength now. She would sweat profusely for moving her feet.

The situation was really bad.

Lu Xuyang raised his eyebrows. The jealousy flashed in his eyes, but he smiled softly, “It turns out to be Student Xi Yue. I’ve heard of you for a long time. Ever since I heard that you cured Venerable Hui Yue, I’ve always wanted to see you to discuss medical skills with you. But…”

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