Chapter 1421: It Must Be

Chapter 1421: It Must Be

He paused. The light in his eyes was flickering. The sideburns covered half of his gentle face, making it difficult for people to see his expression clearly, “But I thought Xi Yue was so talented that you had such powerful strength at the Foundation Establishment stage. It turned out that Student Xi Yue had been hiding your true strength. You are actually at the Gold Core Stage.”

Hexi sneered and said, “President Lu, why talk so much nonsense while standing in my way? Can you be more straightforward? I don’t like guessing about you people who only have ill intentions.”

Lu Xuyang smiled lightly. Being refuted by Hexi like this, he wasn’t angry at all. He just said casually, “I just saw the colorful auspicious clouds covering the sky, abnormal phenomenon and brilliant light from the direction Xi Yue came from, do you know what happened? Is someone advancing to the Gold Core Stage perfect stage?”

Lu Xuyang’s eyes turned around Hexi, and his eyes became more gloomy, “A few days ago, Student Xi Yue was at the Foundation Establishment stage, but now you are at the Gold Core Stage. So, can I guess that the person who had just advanced is you? Xi Yue!”

Hexi squinted and said coldly, “So what if I am and if I’m not? I’m not familiar with President Lu, right? Is it necessary to answer your question?”

A trace of anger flashed in Lu Xuyang’s eyes.

He had always been respected and feared in Miluo Continent. This was the first time someone had treated him so rudely like Xi Yue. Especially Xi Yue was still a young boy.

Lu Xuyang still had a gentle and tolerant smile, but his eyes were already icy cold, “Since Student Xi Yue refuses to say it, then forget it.”

As he said that, Lu Xuyang walked slowly past Hexi as if he really didn’t intend to pursue further.

However, the moment they passed by, a blood-red long sword suddenly appeared in Lu Xuyang’s hand, stabbing toward Hexi silently.

Hexi had already guarded against Lu Xuyang. Li Shui Sword immediately appeared out of thin air. The sharp blade flashed with colorful light, blocking Lu Xuyang’s attack with a clang.

When Lu Xuyang saw the colorful light emitting from Li Shui Sword, his pupils shrank suddenly: Five Elements Flying Sword!

In Miluo Continent, flying swords with dual attributes were extremely rare, let alone flying swords that had five elements.

Five elements meant that it even had the wood attribute. A person who could control the five elements flying sword must have at least a sky spiritual root with at least 3 attributes.

Sky spiritual root of 3 attributes! Lu Xuyang’s eyes suddenly lit up.

It’s Xi Yue! The person who has the wood source is Xi Yue! It must be!

Their long swords separated at the touch. and Lu Xuyang’s eyes seemed to be burning with hot flames, staring straight at the handsome young man in front.

If other people saw it, they would think that Lu Xuyang loved Xi Yue fanatically.

However, Hexi saw naked greed and desire in those pupils, just like when Tong Bing approached her, ready to suck her wood spiritual root.

He also had the devouring ability, but Lu Xuyang was much more difficult to deal with than Tong Bing!

In Miluo Continent, many people wanted to find out how strong Lu Xuyang’s true strength was, but no one succeeded.

Because Lu Xuyang not only had powerful magic weapons and superb cultivation, but he also had deadly poison that was hard to guard against.

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