Chapter 1422: The End of Power

Chapter 1422: The End of Power

In the past, as long as Lu Xuyang took out those poisons, any martial artists lower than him could only fall into a coma and lose the ability to resist.

However, this method did not work for Xi Yue today.

Lu Xuyang’s face was livid. He looked at the young man who had been calm in the green-purple poisonous smoke. There was even a hint of ridicule in her eyes. The jealousy and hatred in his eyes became more intense, “Have you ever taken some natural treasures, so you are invulnerable to all poisons?”

What responded to him was the young man’s mocking sneer, “To deal with your useless poisonous smoke, do I still need to take medicine that is invulnerable to all poisons? President Lu, haven’t you heard that there is always someone higher than you? Do you think that your healing and poisoning skills are unparalleled in the world after being the president for too long?”

Lu Xuyang’s face turned green and white.

He had always been most proud of 2 points; medical skills and a character that did not get angry easily.

But today, these 2 points were almost shattered by Xi Yue.

The proudest poison I refined is ridiculed by Xi Yue as mere poisonous smoke?

No! That is just a teenager, how could he have such powerful healing and poisoning skills.

He, Lu Xuyang, is the most talented doctor and pill refiner in the Miluo Continent. I will never admit that I will lose to Xi Yue.

Hexi smiled slightly. A huge leaf appeared on her hand.

This was the leaf of [Tiankui Banana] planted in the void, which was most suitable for repelling poison and smoke.

The banana leaf waved, and the smoke that was originally surrounding Hexi floated toward Lu Xuyang.

Moreover, there was a pungent and spicy smell in the original green-purple smoke. Obviously, Hexi repaid him with some other materials.

Cough cough cough—!

Lu Xuyang coughed violently. His eyes were red, and tears flowed down from his eyes uncontrollably.

Hexi leaned against a tree, keeping her exhausted body from falling down, but she said with a leisurely smile, “How about it? Chili smoke and your poisonous smoke, does this taste good?”

Lu Xuyang’s cultivation was far higher than Hexi’s, so of course he was not afraid of her poison, but he never expected that Xi Yue did not poison him. She just used an extremely pungent smoke.

Lu Xuyang was trembling with anger. He had never, never been so embarrassed in his life.

Damn Xi Yue! I must tear him into pieces!

Lu Xuyang suddenly soared into the air, and a huge beastkin power with devouring vortex formed in his left palm.

In his right hand, he held a long red sword entangled by flames and stabbed straight toward Hexi.

Hexi bit her tongue, forcing her blurred consciousness to wake up.

She had no strength in her body now. Her Divine Sense seemed to be torn apart by a huge force, trying to bring her into the sleeping void.

There seemed to be a few little guys shouting anxiously in her ears, but she couldn’t really hear them.

The Li Shui Sword was lifted up, but before it met Lu Xuyang’s sword, she could no longer hold it. The Li Shui Sword fell to the ground with a clanging sound, then it disappeared automatically and returned to void.

At this time, Lu Xuyang finally saw that she was exhausted. He immediately laughed, “So you are out of your power. If this is the case, offer your wood spiritual root to me and die obediently!”

The huge devouring beastkin power enveloped Hexi’s dantian.

The majestic spiritual power surged toward Lu Xuyang’s palm with the devouring power.

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