Chapter 1423: Scared

Chapter 1423: Scared

However, this does not seem to be the wood spiritual power. There is fire element, water element, and gold element…

Lu Xuyang frowned. This is already sky spiritual root of 3 attributes. Could it be that I guess it wrong? The person with the power of wood source is not Xi Yue, but someone else?

Wait! Lu Xuyang suddenly widened his eyes with shock and disbelief. No… more than 3 elements? Then there are spiritual powers from other lines wrapped in dantian? What element is that? Could it be that Xi Yue doesn’t have the sky spiritual root of 3 attributes instead of 4 attributes?

Just as Lu Xuyang was thinking, he suddenly felt a chill in his mind that horrified him.

The next moment, a powerful force suddenly penetrated his chest and abdomen from behind.

Ahh!” Lu Xuyang let out a miserable howl, rolled over and fell on the grass.

Blood gushed out from the hole in his chest, soaking the grass and trees.

He also felt that all the spiritual power he had devoured from Xi Yue was devoured by the powerful force that penetrated his chest and abdomen.

Lu Xuyang was shivering and convulsing in pain. He opened his eyes with difficulty, only to see a tall figure. He rushed to Xi Yue quickly and carefully carried the almost unconscious young boy.

That posture, that movement, as if he was holding a rare treasure. No one was allowed to snatch it.

Lu Xuyang’s eyes moved up little by little, and he finally saw the man’s face.

The handsome facial features were like a god descending from the sky, exuding a contemptuous aura all over his body.

He obviously looked like a young man in his twenties, but anyone who saw this face would never forget or ignore it.

Nangong Yu——! The only genius in Miluo Continent who advances to the Nascent Soul Stage at the age of 20, King of Hell Nangong Yu!

Lu Xuyang clenched his teeth hatefully. A wave of fear and hatred churned in his mind.

Today, he was destined to not be able to kill Xi Yue, and he would not be able to get the wood source. Moreover, the injury he suffered today would cause permanent damage to him. His cultivation would probably not be able to improve anymore.

Nangong Yu, Xi Yue, all these are caused by these 2 people.

But I, Lu Xuyang, will not give up. One day, I will make these people pay a painful price.

A black stone in his hand was crushed, and Lu Xuyang’s figure slowly disappeared into the grass, leaving only blood stains all over the ground.

At this moment, Nangong Yu’s attention was only on Hexi who had a pale face and was sweating profusely, so he didn’t care about Lu Xuyang’s life or death.

If I was one step late, just one step, Xi’er would die at the hands of others.

As long as he thought of this possibility, Nangong Yu felt scared for a while.

He held Hexi’s hand and was about to inject spiritual power, but Hexi’s little hand grabbed his hand instead.

A low and weak voice came with great urgency, “Jade Fire… Jade Fire Toad… Yu, hurry up. Go and get the Jade Fire Toad. That is… that is the only way to save you… hurry up!”

As Hexi said, Little Golden Dragon jumped out of the void and looked at Nangong Yu anxiously, “King of Hell, come with me quickly, Jade Fire Toad is disappearing. If we don’t get there in time, it will be too late!”

“What is so important about Jade Fire Toad now!” Nangong Yu growled. His eyes full of distress and regret, “If something happens to you, Xi’er, what’s the use of me getting 10,000 Jade Fire Toads.”

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