Chapter 1424: Void Second Advancement

Chapter 1424: Void Second Advancement

“I’m fine…” Hexi took a deep breath, gritted her teeth, forced her consciousness not to disappear, and said word by word, “I have just… advanced… I’m fine… must get it, Jade Fire Toad! “

After finishing speaking, Hexi couldn’t hold on any longer. As her eyes closed, her Divine Sense sank into the void completely.

At this time, in the void, earth-shaking changes were taking place. The vague voice of Old Man Sumeru could seem to be heard – “The Ninth Layer Heavenly Palace, this is Xuan Xiao…”

Following the hatching of Little Egg and the opening of the Ling Xiao Palace, the Sumeru Void finally ushered in its second advancement.

Nangong Yu looked at Hexi who had completely fallen asleep, and he suddenly tightened his arms.

At this moment, he seemed to feel that he was holding was a warm corpse, but his Xi’er was moving away from him little by little.

The fear in his heart surged up like a tide, drowning him.

“King of Hell, let’s go there quickly. Otherwise, it will be too late! Hurry up!” Little Golden Dragon was anxious, swearing in his mind. After bringing you to the Jade Fire Toad, I want to go back to the void!

Nangong Yu gritted his teeth, “Are you sure Xi’er is fine?”

“Sure and certain!” Little Golden Dragon nodded repeatedly, “Even if something happens, it’s definitely a good thing!”

Nangong Yu finally heaved a sigh of relief when he heard the words. He didn’t say anymore, and he didn’t even find a place to put Hexi down. He just hug her sideways and rushed toward the direction Little Golden Dragon was pointing at.


Hexi felt as if she had been in a coma for a long time, but she also felt that she had just taken a short nap.

But no matter how much time she slept, when she woke up, what greeted her was the Sumeru Void that had changed completely.

Looking around, the Ancient Rhyme Spiritual Field where the spiritual plant grew.

Although Hexi felt that the Ancient Rhyme Spiritual Field was very large before, this time, the area after the expansion of the void was endless.

Moreover, the spiritual plants above were all growing too damn well.

Especially those precious spiritual plants transplanted from the Sealed Dragon Domain, such as Golden Bodhi. It was obviously not the time for Bodhi to bear fruit, but now its branches were full of fruits.

What surprised Hexi the most was that the “Alien Poppy” that she snatched from the Murong Family, that was, the cold eating flower. Since it was thrown into the void by her, without the nourishment of virgin blood, it had been languid all the time, but now it was full of energy.

Hexi approached and touched it, and she found that the yin qi emanating from it was no longer chilling, but a strange aura similar to spiritual power and demonic power.

Being touched by Hexi, the cold eating flower shook its huge flower disc. Its branches and leaves swayed slightly, seeming very happy.

Hexi walked to the side of the Ninth Secluded Spirit Spring. The area of ​​the spirit spring had grown a lot bigger. Now it was almost half the size of a small pond. There was still a faint layer of mist floating on the spirit spring. She could smell the strong spirit when she was close to the spirit spring.

The little purple seed was lying quietly at the bottom of the spring, soundless as if she was dead.

With a pain in her heart, Hexi reached out to take out the little purple seed and said in a low voice, “Little Purple, thank you for protecting me!”

The small purple seed was still quiet. The seed looked dull, and the originally abundant demonic power couldn’t be felt at all.

Just looking at this small seed, one could imagine how much damage Little Purple suffered and how expensive the price was.

Hexi took a deep breath. She channeled her wood spiritual power slowly into the purple seed.

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