Chapter 1425: Angry Little Bird

Chapter 1425: Angry Little Bird

The outer layer of the seed gradually became shiny at a speed visible to the naked eye, and a small white spot appeared on the seed as if a bud was about to emerge.

Hexi heaved a sigh of relief. She injected wood spiritual power into the seed like it was free. Until the seed could no longer absorb it, she put it back into the Ninth Secluded Spirit Spring.

Wood spiritual power could give life to all things in the world, and Ninth Secluded Spirit Spring was the best nourishing liquid.

Although it might take a long time for Little Purple to recover completely, Hexi didn’t mind waiting at all.

She believed that their Little Purple would come back one day.

After checking Little Purple, Hexi was about to visit Sumeru Hall.

The little ones were nowhere to be seen, but Hexi could sense that their auras were all in the Sumeru Hall.

Moreover, Hexi was also looking forward to the rewards after advancement since the rewards after the first advancement were already abundant.

Just as she was walking toward the Sumeru Hall, she heard Little Egg cry out in panic.

The sound of chaotic footsteps came from the Sumeru Hall, then a small object crashed into Hexi’s arms.

As soon as Little Egg smelled the familiar aura on Hexi, he cried and climbed into Hexi’s arms, yelling, “Mom, help! Help! Wow…”

Immediately afterward, Little Dumb Cow and Xiao Li also rushed out.

Little Dumb Cow still looked dumb, staring straight at Little Egg.

Xiao Li had a hint of a smile on her face, and her face was flushed red.

Seeing Xiao Li’s expression, Hexi knew it was nothing serious, so she couldn’t help laughing and said, “What’s the matter, Little Egg?”

Wuuu, mom, there is an ugly monster inside. It bullies me. It wants to occupy my nest. Mom, please drive it away!”

As Little Egg spoke, he stretched out his pink paws and had an aggrieved expression.

There were really several red marks on the little paw, which seemed to be pecked by some kind of bird’s beak.

But, is there a bird in my void?

Just as she was thinking, Xiao Chi ran out of Sumeru Hall excitedly when he heard Hexi’s voice. Seeing the intact Hexi, he happily went up to rub against her.

Hexi smiled and stroked Xiao Chi’s soft hair before turning her eyes away.

On Xiao Chi’s shoulder, there was actually a fiery red bird.

Originally, it was glaring at Little Egg while making a chirping sound, but when it saw Hexi looking over, the little bird immediately tilted its head and stared back mercilessly.

Hexi’s mouth twitched. Why do I feel that this bird’s eyes are saying “you stupid annoying people, why don’t you kneel down when you see me”?

Little Egg pointed at the little bird angrily and said, “Mother, it’s it. It’s this bad bird that pecked me. Let’s roast it now, okay?”

Chirp, chirp, chirp~” The little red bird jumped into the sky and pecked at Little Egg’s head.

Wow! Mom save me!” Little Egg threw himself into Hexi’s arms.

The little red bird dived straight down with an aura as fierce as fire.

Hexi frowned slightly, and an ice shield emerged out of nowhere in the sky.

Dong—” The bird’s beak pecked at the ice shield, piercing a big hole on the ice shield, but the little red bird couldn’t move forward.

Blazing flames radiated from the little red bird, trying to burn the ice shield. But, after a piece of the ice shield was burned, a new ice shield would soon condense.

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