Chapter 1427: Raging Fire

Chapter 1427: Raging Fire

After putting away [Circle of Life], Hexi tried to leave the void again, but she still couldn’t do it. Thinking of Nangong Yu who was still in the magical beast forest and Jade Fire Toad was being consumed, Hexi became anxious.


In the collapsed Toad Jade Palace, a raging flame was burning right now.

All human martial artists, including beastkins, were trapped in it.

In the flames, human screams could be heard from time to time.

With just a touch, such flames could burn all the flesh and bones of a person to ashes.

Golden Wolf and the others were caught off guard, and seventy percent of the martial artists they brought with them turned into wandering spirits with no residue left.

In the center of the fire, a red toad was spitting flames in all directions.

Wherever the flames went, even the stones burned. Hot magma gushed out from the cracks on the surface.

In the entire Toad Jade Palace, the only ones who were still alive were the beastkins under the defensive barrier, and a few Soul Splitting Stage martial artists that Golden Wolf protected with unique magic weapon.

However, that was only temporary.

Golden Wolf’s face was reddened by the flames, and the turtle shell that was tanking in front was making a terrifying crackling sound.

Standing behind Golden Wolf, Elder Cen, Elder Fei and the others looked panic and kept shouting, “Help!”

A trace of fear also flashed in Golden Wolf’s eyes. He did not expect that a mere Miluo Continent could have such a powerful treasure.

That toad breathing flames is clearly the top treasure of Immortal Realm – Jade Fire Toad.

If he had seen this Jade Fire Toad on other occasions in the past, Golden Wolf would try to snatch it no matter how.

But now, his life was at risk. How could he think about this right now?

Things were not going too well on the side of the Beastkin King either.

The defensive barrier was burning red and fluctuating. The Beastkin King was holding the barrier while controlling Jade Fire Toad, so he was almost exhausted.

The originally gorgeous young face gradually became old. Blood even flowed from the seven orifices.

But after the blood flowed out, it didn’t solidify. Instead, it became hotter than magma, burning his skin bit by bit.

Faint blue scales appeared on Beastkin King’s face and hands, but they were quickly burnt to bloody flesh.

The beastkins in the barrier were already crying so hard. They wanted to rush over to extinguish the flames on the Beastkin King, but they were stopped.

Beastkin King’s voice was hoarse and nearly shattered, but he was extremely decisive: “No one… is allowed to come over! This fire is not something you can bear! Wait… wait until Jade Fire Toad burns them to death, you… will leave immediately and go… to the side of Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree.”

“King! We won’t leave!” The little beastkin cried loudly, “You’re our King! We should protect you, how can we leave you and run away?”

“King, please don’t care about our life and death. Just go on your own!”

“You——!” Beastkin King suddenly raised his voice and hissed, “If you still regard me as King, just listen to me! After I advanced to demi-divine beast, I could have left this plane, but I stay for you. You… don’t make me regret this decision!”

“King…” The beastkins couldn’t bear it anymore. They wept bitterly and fell to their knees on the ground.

Beastkin King closed his eyes and gritted his teeth, channeling all his fundamental life essence into the Jade Fire Toad.

Crack, crack…” There were louder cracking sounds from the turtle shell in front of Golden Wolf.

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