Chapter 1428: Dumbfounded

Chapter 1428: Dumbfounded

Finally, the turtle shell burst open. The flames swept everyone instantly!

“Aaaaaa!” A dreadful scream sounded.

Except for Elder Fei and the others who had an ice-attribute robe that could withstand several seconds, the others were almost instantly melted into ashes by the flames.

A fierce light flashed in Golden Wolf’s eyes. He suddenly soared into the air, rushing straight toward the Jade Fire Toad in midair.

Rather than waiting in place to be burned to ashes by the flames, he might as well slash the toad to pieces with all his might.


However, before Golden Wolf’s blade slashed at Jade Fire Toad, a powerful and terrifying force rushed toward him.

Golden Wolf was caught off guard. He was turned upside down in mid-air and slammed into a broken wall.

The flames from above enveloped his face, burned his hair clean, and burned most of the mask and skin on his face.

Golden Wolf let out a cry of pain, and he quickly wrapped himself in ice crystals, barely preventing himself from being burned to ashes.

He looked up viciously to see who dared to attack him. When he saw the scene before him, he widened his eyes in shock.

In the fiery red flames, a slender figure of a man appeared at some point in time.

He walked in the Toad Jade Palace, which was as hot as the hell, like he was strolling in his own palace garden.

Against the backdrop of the flame light, his handsome face looked extraordinarily majestic and charming. He was like a scourge from hell walking slowly with a cruel smile or like a condescending god, despising the insignificance of mortals in the flame light.

The man was still holding a comatose young boy with both hands. The young boy’s entire face was buried in the man’s arms. From the way the man carefully guarded him like a treasure, it their close relationship could be guessed.

“Who… who are you?” Golden Wolf suddenly raised his voice and shouted, “Are you a human or a beastkin?”

But the man didn’t seem to hear his words at all. He just walked in front of the Jade Fire Toad that was still burning with blazing flames.

His slender hand reached out, casually grabbed the flame-breathing toad, and then squeezed it lightly.

Poof—” Beastkin King in the enchantment spat out a mouthful of blood.

The Jade Fire Toad that was originally under his control seemed to be frozen by something. There was an inexplicable bone-piercing chill transmitted from the link between the Jade Fire Toad and his Divine Sense.

Beastkin King looked at the man who suddenly appeared in shock, and he asked the same question as Golden Wolf, “Who… who the hell are you?!”

Nangong Yu held the Jade Fire Toad in his hand. As he channeled the dark spiritual power, he really felt a blazing warm current enter his meridians from the ruby-like toad.

Now the day for the cold poison to trigger was getting closer and closer, his dantian and fundamental essence were slowly feeling the freezing cold of his soul and body. When this warm current entered his body, he really felt much more comfortable.

But, it was just comfortable.

As the warm current disappeared, the cold poison still existed. This was no different from the Flame Cave.

Nangong Yu frowned. It seems that if I want to use this Jade Fire Toad to relieve the cold poison, I can only rely on Xi’er.

Anyway, this is what Xi’er wants. I will just keep it first.

When the Jade Fire Toad disappeared, the flames burning everywhere in the Toad Jade Palace and the tumbling magma also disappeared without a trace in an instant.

Golden Wolf was dumbfounded watching this scene.

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