Chapter 1429: Someone Stronger Than You

Chapter 1429: Someone Stronger Than You

What level of treasure was Jade Fire Toad! Of course I have a way to collect Jade Fire Toad, but that is when Jade Fire Toad is not breathing flames.

But this person, this person not only extinguished the toad’s flame with bare hands, but he also grabbed it and put it into the storage ring.

How… how is this possible?!

Golden Wolf suddenly jumped up from the ground, fixed his eyes on Nangong Yu, and suddenly said coldly, “Boy, I don’t know who you are. If you are sensible, just obediently hand over the Jade Fire Toad you just took away. Otherwise, don’t blame us for being rude!”

Nangong Yu raised his eyebrows, and his eyes full of irony swept over Golden Wolf’s bald forehead and bloody scalp before he said slowly, “Oh? How do you want to be rude to me?”

Golden Wolf made a facial gesture to Elder Fei and the others.

Elder Fei and Elder Cen immediately took out their weapons, released their powerful spiritual pressure on their bodies and attacked Nangong Yu fiercely.

The blue long sword made crackling sparks as it slowly appeared in Nangong Yu’s palm.

This was a fake “Sealed Dragon Sword”, but it had half the strength of the Sealed Dragon Sword.

When Elder Cen’s attack arrived, the Sealed Dragon Sword unsheathed and slashed horizontally.

Elder Cen only saw a blur. He instinctively resisted with his weapon.

Clang, it was the sound of weapons clashing.

But the next moment, he felt the tearing pain coming rushed to his chest and abdomen with a sharp tearing pain.

Elder Cen lowered his head slowly and saw a turquoise long sword penetrating directly through his dantian.

Nangong Yu withdrew the “Sealed Dragon Sword” and looked at Elder Fei with a cold smile.

Elder Fei’s eyes flashed with fear. He screamed suddenly, “You——it was you. It was you that night…”

Before he finished speaking, the Sealed Dragon Sword whistled and flew toward Elder Fei.

In mid-air, the long sword turned into an azure dragon, emitted a rumbling dragon roar and pierced through Elder Fei’s body.

Elder Fei still maintained his frightened expression with a wide open mouth. He wanted to finish the last sentence, but he never had the chance again.

The Sealed Dragon Sword killed Elder Fei, but it continued to fly toward Golden Wolf.

Golden Wolf’s eyes were gloomy and wary, but not fearful.

He had already taken out a golden-red flashing whip. When the “Sealed Dragon Sword” flew over, the whip swept toward the azure dragon.

After a burst of “crackling”, the dragon returned to the body, then it broke in half.

Nangong Yu’s complexion suddenly turned grim. His hands holding Hexi slightly tightened, and his gaze looked terrifying.

Although this “Sealed Dragon Sword” was fake, it was the first gift Hexi gave him. He cherished it very much and never left it. Now it was cut off by this guy.

This man is courting death!

Golden Wolf looked at Nangong Yu with a sneer and said quietly, “Just a martial artist from the lower realm, how dare you show off in front of me. Today I will let you know what it means that there is always someone stronger than you!”

Nangong Yu took a deep breath and slowly put down the sleeping Hexi.

He looked at Little Golden Dragon with a fierce gaze as he said, “Look after Xi’er, if anything, breaks the inscribed jade slip, I will be back in no time.”

Little Golden Dragon patted his chest and said, “Don’t worry, I will definitely protect the boss. Teach that shameless bastard a painful lesson. I have long been displeased with these guys. Better beat that bastard until his mother doesn’t even recognize him!”

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