Chapter 1430: Who Wins

Chapter 1430: Who Wins

Little Golden Dragon, who was also a beastkin, was infuriated by what they did to these beastkins. He couldn’t wait to rush over and tear these scum into pieces.

Nangong Yu ignored Little Golden Dragon’s words, but he lowered his head and kissed Hexi’s soft cheek before getting up and looking at Golden Wolf.

Golden Wolf glanced at the fainted Hexi. Seeing that she was dressed as a young man, he couldn’t help but sneered, “Why, is it because we interrupted your intimate moment with your boyfriend, that’s why you’re so angry? Hahahaha… The garbage in the lower realm is low life. There are so many women to love, yet you still want to be with men…”

Before Golden Wolf could finish speaking, Nangong Yu raised his hand suddenly. With a rumbling sound, the already crumbling Toad Jade Palace collapsed, blocking the sight of the beastkins.

Golden Wolf frowned. He was about to ask him what the hell he was doing, then his eyes widened suddenly.

Suddenly, a thick black aura spread out from Nangong Yu’s body like ink poured into the air. The fearful and creepy aura of death made Golden Wolf feel panic and fear for the first time from the human in the lower realm.

Then, Golden Wolf woke up abruptly. Staring at the turbulent jet black, he said in shock, “This… this is the spiritual power of the dark element!”

How can it be?!!

In this world, including the God Domain, there are very few people with the spiritual power of the dark element.

The only one I know who can use the dark spiritual power is the lofty existence in the God Domain; the one I can’t even imagine seeing him.

However, now in a mere Miluo Continent, I unexpectedly meet someone with such a strong dark spiritual power.

Is… is this still a low level realm?

First, someone advanced to the Gold Core Stage perfect stage, and now even the dark spiritual power. What is happening to this realm?

A strong sense of foreboding rose in Golden Wolf’s heart.

He could see that the strength of the young man in front of him was only at the intermediate stage of the Soul Splitting Stage, slightly worse than his own.

However, the dark spiritual power was the nemesis of all other spiritual powers. In a real battle, it was impossible to predict who would win.

Golden Wolf glanced around, and the mutilated corpses of Elder Cen and Elder Fei came into view.

Today, he had lost enough. He still didn’t know how to explain to the Lord when he went back. He must not lose even himself here.

Thinking of this, a dark light flashed in Golden Wolf’s eyes. The golden-red whip suddenly swung toward Nangong Yu viciously.

Nangong Yu had already held a black and slender sword. He blocked the Golden Wolf’s attack with a flick of his hand.

However, when the crackling sound disappeared and the dust settled, Nangong Yu saw that Golden Wolf had long since disappeared.

He squinted and said with a sneer, “Want to escape? Just try as if you can escape!”

After speaking, his figure flickered and disappeared in the same place.


Hexi, who was still trapped in the void, was very depressed.

She tried various methods, but she still couldn’t leave the void. She didn’t know what the problem was.

The few little ones were also worrying.

The Ancient Rhyme Spiritual Field has become larger, and the spirit spring water has increased, but this also means that the workload of the little ones has increased.

The planting and harvesting of the spiritual field were previously in charge by Little Egg and the few little ones.

Little Egg was very powerful. He could swipe his paws and harvest the low level spiritual plants. As for the high level spiritual plants, he had to be careful so as not to damage the medicinal properties of the spiritual plants.

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