Chapter 1431: Hopeless Bird Life

Chapter 1431: Hopeless Bird Life

However, the little ones also needed cultivation after all. They couldn’t all their energy to planting and harvesting spiritual plants.

Now that the Ancient Rhyme Spiritual Field had gotten so big, should they just leave most of its land wasted?

“Mother, hurry up! Come here and have a look!” Little Egg’s doubtful voice suddenly sounded, “What is this?”

Hexi walked over immediately after hearing the words. She saw a strange array in a corner of the Ancient Rhyme Spiritual Field.

Hexi knew almost nothing about the array, but she could barely recognize that it was an array somewhat similar to the spirit gathering array, but with many more complicated functions.

“Little Egg, do you know what array this is?”

Little Egg shook his head. He touched the array with his little paws.

Hexi took out a few crystal stones and placed on the array, but there was no reaction at all.

“Is this array already broken?” Hexi frowned, “There is no place to put the crystal stone, what is it powered by?”

Moreover, before the void is upgraded today, I had never seen this array in the Ancient Rhyme Spiritual Field before!

Chirp, chirp, chirp~” On the shoulder of Xiao Chi beside her, the little red bird uttered a few crisp chirps.

As soon as Hexi looked up, she saw the little red bird looking at them with contempt. Its expression was filled with indescribably mocking and superior.

Little Egg immediately said angrily, “Stinky Bird, what are you chirping? Do you know what this array is for?”

Chirp chirp chirp~” Of course I know, but I won’t tell you! Dead pig!

“Mother, this bird is too bad!” Little Egg complained angrily, “It clearly knows what this array is for, but it just won’t tell! Let’s roast it!”

Chirp chirp chirp~” It’s right to roast you, you fat pig! Make you into a roast pig!

Wuwu, Little Egg doesn’t want to be a roast pig. Mother, it bullies Little Egg!”

Hexi squinted and looked at the red bird coldly.

The very cheerful little bird that was jumping around trembled involuntarily when it met Hexi’s somewhat indifferent gaze.

Hexi reached out and touched the spiritual plants beside, and she said quietly, “You don’t seem to know who is the owner of this void? Tell me, what is this array for? Why can’t I leave the void now?”

“If you don’t want to say…” Hexi paused, then she said to Xiao Chi softly, “Xiao Chi, catch it. Sister will cook you a little red bird!”

Xiao Chi’s IQ was now much higher. Although he was not very good at speaking, he could tell what Hexi meant right away.

Hearing this, without even a moment’s hesitation, he grabbed the little red bird on his shoulder.

Chirp!!” The little red bird screamed, desperately trying to break free.

Xiao Chi didn’t seem to feel anything. He smiled and handed the little red bird to Hexi, “Sister… eat…”

Chirp, chirp, chirp~” Bastard, I was so wrong to like you so much! You actually want to eat me! Bastard bastard! You’re all bastards!

Hexi took the chirping bird, grabbed its claws, lifted it upside down and brought it upside down before her, then she asked slowly, “Now can you tell me, what is this array used for?”

Chirp, chirp, chirp~~Wuuwuu, bad guys, all of you bully me. Even this pretty human brother bullies me. My bird life is hopeless. I don’t want to live!

Hexi couldn’t understand the words of Little Red Bird, but Little Egg could!

The little one who couldn’t wait to stir up troubles excitedly said, “Mother, it said it doesn’t want to live anymore. Let’s roast it quickly!”

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