Chapter 1433: Leaving Void

Chapter 1433: Leaving Void

After the rain stopped, the sun came out again. The poisonous bees collected from the Illusive Forest were happily shuttled among the flowers.

Then, after pollination, the flowers begin to wither and produce juicy fruit.

Hexi was dumbfounded watching this scene, even the little ones were jaw-dropping.

Even Little Red Bird, who seemed contemptuous just now, couldn’t help but widened his eyes, making continuous chirps. Although he learned about the [God Level Planting Array] from the inherited memory, he never expected it to be so miraculous.

In the end, the fruits and ripe herbs were collected into Ling Xiao Palace and placed in different categories.

The array emitting green light finally lost its radiance and became gray as before.

Hexi took a deep breath. The wood spiritual power formed by her [Circle of Life] could only sustain one round of plant harvesting at most, but this round alone had left her dumbfounded.

If [Circle of Life] is practiced to the extreme in the future, wouldn’t I be able to get thousands of spiritual plants every day? Moreover, the spiritual plants are high quality.

Hexi swallowed and forgot this wonderful future.

She walked up to Xiao Chi, handed over the [Circle of Life] to him, and said, “Only people with the wood spiritual root can practice this method. Xiao Chi, would you like to try it?”

In Xiao Chi’s case, his dantian was completely wasted, so he was unable to cultivate. But Hexi always felt that this set of [Circle of Life] was different. Xiao Chi had such a strong wood spiritual power in his body. If he practices this set of [Circle of Life], would he regain the chance to cultivate?

Xiao Chi took the techniques with a pure smile, leaned close to Hexi, and rubbed against her neck.

Hexi touched his soft hair, and she smiled faintly.

After practicing [Circle of Life], Hexi tried to leave the void again. This time, she finally succeeded.

However, as soon as she left the void and opened her eyes. She heard a cry as if the sky was falling.

“King, king! Please don’t die. We can’t live without you!”

“Doctor Tapir, aren’t you the best doctor among us? Think of a way to save the king!”

What’s the situation? Hexi frowned and looked at the source of the sound. Why does it sound like someone’s parent is dead?

“Boss, you’re finally awake!” Little Golden Dragon’s joyful voice came.

Hexi looked around, and all she saw were ruins. She could still smell the smell of burning and blood.

And it was a group of beastkin who cried bitterly.

With Hexi’s eyesight, she could tell at a glance that this was a group of beastkins. Not only because of the beastkin aura emanating from them, but also the obvious beastkin characteristics such as claws, scales and horns.

This group of beastkins was surrounding a man in a red robe, weeping loudly. Their faces were full of despair and sadness.

A beastkin who looked like a middle-aged old man was anxiously treating the man in a red robe.

As for the man in a red robe, his was in a very bad situation.

His face was covered with blood, and his face was covered with light blue scales, but most of these scales were burnt.

Hexi scanned roughly with Divine Sense, and she found that the beastkin’s body seemed to be burning with raging flames. The overbearing level of the flames could almost rival the cold poison in Nangong Yu’s body. If this burning continued for a few moments, the beastkin’s internal organs and soul would be burned completely. It would result in a miserable end.

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