Chapter 1434: Retarded

Chapter 1434: Retarded

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“Boss, that’s the demi-divine beast, the beastkin at the peak of rank 11.” Little Golden Dragon whispered in her ear.

How did the peak of rank 11 beastkin end up like this? Hexi raised her eyebrows in surprise and asked with her eyes.

A trace of anger appeared in the Little Golden Dragon’s eyes. He gritted his teeth and said, “Boss, you forgot that in the confinement space, there was originally a teleportation array that was going to send you and the King of Hell out, but that bastard Tong Bing suddenly threw something into the teleportation array. It turned out that the thing was the notorious Sanskrit Voodoo Illusive Silk. Most of the Beastkin King’s beastkin aura was sealed.”

“In order to fight against Golden Wolf and the others, Beastkin King had to forcibly activate the Jade Fire Toad, so now that he is backlashed by the flames of Jade Fire Toad. I think he probably can’t survive. What a pity! He has cultivated to demi-divine beast!”

Hexi was startled, and she slightly raised her voice, “Then Jade Fire Toad…”

I remember that it is recorded in the Record of Everything that Jade Fire Toad is the remnant soul of the fire attribute toad beastkin after it failed to survive the tribulation. That had to be at least rank 11. Moreover, to be able to form a remnant soul, it must be at least rank 12.

For the remnant soul to be called the real Jade Fire Toad, it needs to be nourished at the junction of Yin and Yang for thousands of years. In the end, it will become a living spiritual body. As long as Nangong Yu carries it with him all the time, at least for a short period of time, the cold poison will not attack again.

But according to Little Egg, this Jade Fire Toad is just a remnant soul, and it has not been nourished by the extreme yin qi. It can be used as a magic weapon to launch powerful attacks or it can be swallowed as a great tonic, but whether it is attacking or swallowing, it is only one time.

Such Jade Fire Toad was actually not the most ideal treatment plan for Hexi. But Jade Fire Toad was too rare, and Nangong Yu’s illness couldn’t be delayed any longer, so no matter how dangerous the Jade Fire Toad was that had not been nourished, Hexi had to try it.

Little Golden Dragon hurriedly said, “Boss, don’t worry, King of Hell has already got the Jade Fire Toad, and the extreme yang flame inside has not been exhausted.”

Hexi breathed a sigh of relief. She was about to ask Little Golden Dragon where did Nangong Yu go, then the beastkins suddenly shouted.

“It was you. It was you humans who killed the king! I will kill you! I will die with you!!”

Feng Luan’s eyes were red. He stared at Hexi with hatred and rushed toward her recklessly.

Little Golden Dragon cursed with an ugly face, “Damn, are you retarded! Go and look for those who harmed you guys. What does it have to do with us!”

Hexi’s mouth twitched. She reaffirmed that Little Golden Dragon, who had been with Little Egg for a long time, was really good at cursing.

Feng Luan didn’t seem to hear it at all. He had lost all reason. His paws, that were stained with blood, swiped toward Hexi fiercely.

Hexi just swayed her body lightly to easily dodge the attack.

Feng Luan roared angrily, and he still continued to rush toward her.

“Since you want to die, then I will fulfill you!”

Little Golden Dragon let out a cold snort. His figure suddenly grew bigger. A ball of red flame shot out from his mouth toward Feng Luan.

At the moment Hexi advanced, several little ones had also undergone obvious changes. Little Golden Dragon had directly advanced to rank 6.

The rank 6 of Little Golden Dragon was not at the same level as the rank 6 of the magical beast. As soon as the flame shot out, the beastkins at the side immediately felt threatened.