Chapter 1435: Suffer For Eternity

Chapter 1435: Suffer For Eternity

That was the coercion of the golden flying dragon, a powerhouse above most creatures. Even if he had not advanced to the level of being able to transform, it was not something that ordinary beastkin could match.

“Don’t!” A clear and anxious girl’s voice came from not far away, then a yellow Yue Min Bird flew over at lightning speed. It turned into a young girl and stood in front of Feng Luan, begging anxiously, “Don’t Kill Brother Feng Luan, please!”

Seeing that the flame was about to engulf the girl, the beastkins on the side exclaimed, “Li Yu——!”

Li Yu closed her eyes in fear, and her small body trembled.

However, the expected pain did not come. Hexi just waved her hand lightly, and the flame was blown aside by a gust of wind and hit a broken wall.

Li Yu opened her eyes filled with tears, looked at Xi Yue and said lowly, “Thank you, Xi Yue!”

“Li Yu, why are you stopping me! If it weren’t for these hateful humans, how could King be in this state! I want to kill him. I want to tear all human beings to pieces!”

Pa!!” Li Yu turned around and slapped Feng Luan hard on the face. Her face seemed to be covered with frost, “Feng Luan, stop making trouble! If you don’t want King to die, don’t say a word!”

After finishing speaking, she didn’t take another look at Feng Luan who was stunned, but she walked quickly to Xi Yue and knelt down.

“Xi Yue, I… I beg you to save our King! As long as you can save King, we are willing to pay any price. From now on, no matter what you want us to do, if we refuse, let us be detested by the beast god and suffer for eternity.”

As soon as Li Yu said this, all the beastkins looked dull, then they let out cries of surprise.

“Li Yu, what… what did you say?! He can save King? Is that true?!”

“Li Yu, have you been deceived by him? Human beings are cunning and insidious…”

However, Li Yu didn’t seem to hear the words of his fellow beastkins at all. She just looked at Hexi persistently and firmly with tearful eyes.

Hexi pursed his lips, glanced at the unconscious and dying Beastkin King, and said with deep eyes, “I want Jade Fire Toad. If I save your King, he wants to take the Jade Fire Toad from me, then wouldn’t I lose more than gain?”

Before Li Yu could speak, a chubby beastkin said excitedly, “This… human doctor, I can assure you on behalf of King. As long as you save King, Jade Fire Toad will be yours. We… we don’t want it! We only want King to be alive!”

Hexi raised her eyebrows, “You give me the Jade Fire Toad on behalf of your King?”

Li Yu explained, “Mir… Miracle Healer Xi, that Jade Fire Toad is the remnant soul left by the former Beastkin King Fire Toad. Fire Toad is the ancestor of Brother Pang, so… so Brother Pang can make the decision.”

Hexi was still pondering, then a rank 9 beastkin also came forward, staring at Hexi with red eyes, “We have seen the person who took Jade Fire Toad just now. Although we don’t have time to pursue it now, no one can take away treasure from us for no reason. When we calm down, the beastkin clan will hunt down humans forever. We will not hesitate to let the magical beast army cross the border again and let the humans plunge into the abyss of misery.”

Hexi squinted her eyes, “Are you threatening me?”

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