Chapter 1436: Reborn from the Ashes

Chapter 1436: Reborn from the Ashes

The rank 9 beastkin fell to his knees in front of Hexi with a thud and said in a trembling voice, “I just hope you can save our King. As long as King can survive, you can choose any treasure of our beastkin clan.”

Little Golden Dragon also whispered, “Boss, I can sense the aura of the same kind from that Beastkin King. Boss, why don’t you save him?”

The beastkins knelt down one by one, looking at Hexi expectantly. Most beastkins were simple and honest. Since Hexi said she could save the King, they fully believed that their King could really be saved.

Hexi walked slowly to the unconscious Beastkin King, grabbed his wrist and checked.

Her spiritual power that went into Beastkin King’s body was forced out by a scorching fiery force, but the beastkin’s pulse clearly conveyed the condition in his body.

I’m right. There was a flash of understanding in Hexi’s eyes. The Beastkin King was not dead, or in other words, not dead yet. He was using Jade Fire Toad’s extreme yang flames to put his broken body to death, then it was reborn from the ashes.

However, now his fundamental essence couldn’t sustain anymore, and the burning pain of the extreme yang flames couldn’t be endured by will, so he was at the end of his strength. He would step into the abyss with just one step.

Hexi took out the gold needles and inserted them into Beastkin King’s acupuncture points one by one.

As expected, the body structure of the Beastkin King was very similar to that of the Little Golden Dragon. His true form was probably also a type of dragon. Fortunately, she had treated Little Golden Dragon, otherwise she really couldn’t find his acupuncture points in a short time.

Time passed by, and countless golden needles had been pierced into the unconscious Beastkin King’s body.

The beastkins were all watching nervously, not even daring to take another breath. Even the most irritable Feng Luan watched stiffly, for fear of disturbing Hexi.

When the last golden needle was inserted, a dragon chant resounded in the space.

Hexi’s complexion changed slightly, and she backed off for a dozen meters like a cannonball.

The needles that were originally inserted into Beastkin King’s body seemed to be ejected with some kind of force.

Beastkin King’s body slowly floated up in the air. Red and blue lights began to radiate from his body.

“What is this going?”

“King, how are you?”

“King, are you okay!”

It was not the Beastkin King’s answer that responded to the beastkins, but the thundercloud that came from nowhere in the sky.

Boomboom—” There were thunder and lightning flashing in the sky as if the end of the world was coming.

At this moment, all the beastkins screamed in shock. Under the cover of these thunderclouds, their panic and despair all turned into surprise and worry.

They were surprised because these weren’t ordinary thunderclouds, but the tribulation clouds when the beastkin faced the tribulation. Now that the tribulation clouds appeared, it meant that their King was about to advance to rank 12 divine beast.

They were worried that the tribulation of the divine beast was not to be taken lightly. Their King had just suffered such a serious injury. Could he still withstand the thunderclouds now?

Hexi was also shocked. She didn’t expect that the Beastkin King would actually be reborn from the ashes. He even gained great power from the extreme yang flames. Hexi couldn’t help admiring the Beastkin King’s tenacity for enduring such pain that could kill him.

She smiled and murmured silently, “Since it has come to this point, wouldn’t it be a pity if you are killed by the tribulation clouds now? Then let me help you!”

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