Chapter 1437: Feng Family Patriarch

Chapter 1437: Feng Family Patriarch

As she spoke, a green light ball flew toward the Beastkin King in the air without a sound.

This was the wood spiritual power purified by the Circle of Life. Although it was not as overpowered as the source of life, it was also the best repairing and nourishing thing. Coupled with the water and fire spiritual power possessed by the Beastkin King, after complementing each other, it would have an unexpected beneficial effect.

No beastkin noticed the existence of the green light ball. They only saw that after their King was struck by the first thunder, a dazzling green light suddenly radiated from his body.

Where the green light covered, the withered vegetation was thriving again. Even the air seemed to emit a rich fragrance.

The beastkins also felt that the wounds on their bodies had healed again. Their bodies were filled with endless power.

“King! King! King!”

They knelt down and kowtowed in joy. Their voices were full of joy and admiration.

This time, the blue-green light that appeared on Beastkin King didn’t just fill the magical beast forest like Hexi did at the beginning, but it rose directly into the sky and even echoed the thunderclouds.

Therefore, such a change, whether it was the people in the magical beast forest or the people near the magical beast forest, they could clearly see it.

Many people felt the traces of wood spiritual power, which also triggered the greed in their hearts.

The Feng Family on Wuliang Mountain was one of them.

“Patriarch? Why are you here?!”

“The Venerable! Aren’t you retreating? Why?”

The master of the Feng Family and the elders were watching the movement in the magical beast forest in bewilderment and shock, then they suddenly heard the noise.

When Feng Batian looked back, he was also startled.

Not far from the forbidden area, a tall and thin white-bearded old man walked over quickly. It was the patriarch of their Feng Family, Venerable Mu Hua?

Venerable Mu Hua had reached the Nascent Soul Stage perfect stage decades ago, and his pill refining technique had reached the great grandmaster level. No matter in terms of strength or medicinal pills support, Venerable Mu Hua was the pillar of Feng Family. He was the most important existence for the Feng Family to survive.

A few years ago, Venerable Mu Hua began to retreat in order to reach the Soul Splitting Stage. He once said that if he could not break through the bottleneck, he would never leave the forbidden area.

Why did Venerable Mu Hua the Venerable appear here today? There were no tribulation clouds when breaking through to the Soul Splitting Stage in the past few days, and the patriarch doesn’t seem to have advanced. Why…

Venerable Mu Hua ignored everyone’s inquiries, but he locked his eyes firmly on the depths of the magical beast forest that was shrouded in the green light. His eyes were filled with scorching desires.

“Batian, gather your people immediately and follow me into the magical beast forest!”

Feng Batian was full of surprise and doubt. He forgot about the green light. He wanted to ask what it was, but the patriarch’s prestige made him dare not say more.

He just bowed and said, “How many people does patriarch want?”

Venerable Mu Hua squinted and said in a deep voice, “Gather all the people who are above the Gold Core Stage intermediate stage and Nascent Soul Stage. This is the moment of our Feng Family’s life and death. No matter what, we must get that thing !”

Feng Batian’s face suddenly changed.

Calling people who are above the Gold Core Stage intermediate stage and Nascent Soul Stage, that is almost 90% of Feng Family’s combat power. If they are lost in the magical beast forest, then Feng Family will really be over this time!

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