Chapter 1438: Greed

Chapter 1438: Greed

Feng Yunjing standing next to Feng Batian was taught by Venerable Mu Hua when he was young, so he was a little presumptuous when facing Venerable Mu Hua. He said, “The Venerable, what exactly is that thing you are talking about?”

“Wood source.” Venerable Mu Hua said slowly. His voice was calm and hoarse, but the fiery flames in his eyes seemed to burst out at any moment, “As long as I have a wood source, let alone breaking through the Soul Splitting Stage, even creating hundreds of Nascent Soul Stage cultivators is not a problem for our Feng Family.”

As Venerable Mu Hua said that, his eyes fell on Feng Yunjing with burning with temptation, “Even you Yunjing, as long as you have the wood source, you will definitely be able to break through to the Soul Splitting Stage within 10 years.”

Break through to the Soul Splitting Stage within ten years?! Feng Yunjing gasped. The shock on his face slowly turned into a greedy burning desire.

Wood source? As long as I get this thing, I will be stronger than Nangong Yu. I can take revenge for being randomly sent to the endless glacier that day, and I can imprison Xi Yue by my side!

Great! Great! Wood source, I want to get it! I must get it!

Feng Batian’s eyes were also burning with desire. He exchanged a glance with the other elders, then he turned around and quickly went to gather the people.

Venerable Mu Hua clenched his fists tightly, and his heart was surging.

I never expect that the wood source that even the upper realms have been searching for thousands of years will appear in Miluo Continent.

If I hadn’t experienced the power of a virtual wood source in Siam Continent, I would have missed it this time.

Hahaha, perhaps, this is a blessing to our Feng Family, so we can become the real ruler of unifying Miluo Continent. Even our Feng Family will have a place in Siam Continent!


In the magical beast forest, Golden Wolf fled like a dog among the tall trees.

There was no figure behind him, no sound of footsteps, no sound of flying through the air, but Golden Wolf felt the hairs all over his body stand on end. An invisible fear clutched his mind, making him feel the despair and anger of being played with as a prey.

This trip to the magical beast forest was originally planned perfectly.

But who knows, accidents happened again and again.

First, someone suddenly advanced with the perfect stage, the captured beastkin recovered, and the Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree grew again, and then such a boy with superb cultivation appeared.

A mere low rank martial artist from Miluo Continent actually cultivates to the Soul Splitting Stage intermediate stage, and he even possesses the most terrifying dark element spiritual root.

If I had known earlier, if I had known this would happen…

Just as he was thinking, suddenly the sky was densely covered with tribulation thunderclouds. Amidst the thunder and lightning, the entire magical beast forest seemed to tremble violently.

Golden Wolf looked up at the thunderclouds in horror.

This is… advancement. Is this the tribulation of the beastkin evolving into a divine beast?!

How can this be?! That Beastkin King is about to die, how could he suddenly advance?!

Soon, something that even stunned Golden Wolf happened.

A green light suddenly soared into the sky, then it enveloped half of the magical beast forest.

Where Golden Wolf was located, he could still feel the vitality brought by the slight wood spiritual power.

“Wood… wood source!” Golden Wolf gasped. His voice was trembling, “Although there is only a small amount, … it is indeed the wood source. This Miluo Continent actually has the wood source?!”

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