Chapter 1440: Everything Is Up to My Lady

Chapter 1440: Everything Is Up to My Lady

Hexi coughed lowly and said with a guilty conscience, “The Beastkin King was originally burned by the flames of the Jade Fire Toad. I helped him with golden needles, but I didn’t expect to help him absorb the extreme yang flames and caused a thunder tribulation.”

If he survived the thunder Tribulation, he would be a true divine beast. Even Nangong Yu was no match to him.

Nangong Yu felt that Hexi didn’t tell everything, especially the green light that obviously contained a powerful wood spiritual power. He always felt that it had something to do with Hexi. But there were beastkin everywhere at this moment, so he held back the desire to ask.

“Where’s Jade Fire Toad?” This was what Hexi cared most about.

Nangong Yu took Jade Fire Toad out of his arms. Before Jade Fire Toad had never been nourished, it belonged to the most yang treasure in the world. Anything, including storage bags, could only be burned by it.

After Nangong Yu destroyed a storage bag and a bag of crystal stones, he had to keep it close to his body. Only the cold poison on his body could restrain the blazing flames of the Jade Fire Toad.

Hexi wanted to reach out to touch Jade Fire Toad, but she was quickly stopped by Nangong Yu.

But even though Nangong Yu’s speed was so fast, Hexi’s index fingertip was still a little red.

Nangong Yu’s face was so unsightly that it was frightening, but the movement of grabbing Hexi’s hand was very gentle. He gently sucked the red-hot index finger into his mouth.

Hexi’s face turned red all of a sudden. She looked around, only to see that many beastkins had noticed the movement here and looked over one after another.

The original burning pain in the hand disappeared, replaced by a burst of coolness.

Hexi quickly retracted her hand, only to see that the burn marks on it had disappeared, but it became wet.

This guy!

But immediately, Hexi’s face changed slightly.

She grabbed Nangong Yu’s hand and released spiritual power into it. Sure enough, a bone-chilling chill penetrated into her body, making her shiver uncontrollably.

The cold poison has struck ahead of time! Why?!

After thinking for a moment, Hexi figured out the key to this.

Nangong Yu could grab Jade Fire Toad with bare hands because he had the cold poison in his body that was at the same level as the Jade Fire Toad. But also because of touching the extreme yang flames, the cold poison that had been dormant was awakened.

Just like rivals of the same level competing with each other, the cold poison was activated in advance.

Hexi looked solemn. She said calmly, “It can’t delay any longer. I will find a place to treat you right now.”

Of course, Nangong Yu of course knew best about his own body. The cold poison in his body was spreading crazily. If there was no Jade Toad Fire to suppress it, he would be completely unable to move in half an hour.

But just as Hexi trusted him, he also trusted Hexi’s medical skills and judgment unconditionally.

Hearing this, he didn’t feel worried or panicked at all. He just smiled and said, “Okay, everything is up to my lady.”

Hexi rolled her eyes at him. This guy can still joke at this time.

They were about to leave, but they were stopped by the beastkins.

Hexi frowned and said, “You said that as long as I save the Beastkin King, the Jade Fire Toad will be mine. Are you going to renege!”

“Absolutely not!” The beastkins shook their heads again and again, looking at Hexi with gratitude and admiration, “Miracle Healer Xi has great kindness to us. Let alone a mere Jade Fire Toad, except Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree, even if you want to take all of our treasures. We will never hesitate.”

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