Chapter 1441: Huge Cost

Chapter 1441: Huge Cost

Although they hated humans, they had heard from Li Yu that the human in front of them saved the beastkins time and time again. She could be said to be the biggest benefactor of the beastkins in the magical beast forest.

Li Yu said on behalf of the other beastkins, “Miracle Healer Xi, if you don’t mind, you can perform healing in the magical beast forest. Behind this forest, there is a cave. That… that place is very hidden. If you need us to protect, we can also…”

Hexi breathed a sigh of relief. She showed a gentle expression, “There is no need to guard us. Please take us to that cave!”

When she was treating Nangong Yu, she would probably use wood spiritual power, which couldn’t be discovered by any human or beastkin.


In the magical beast forest, thunderclouds were still densely covered, but the green light had disappeared without a trace.

It could be said that the Feng Family had paid a huge cost to get this wood source.

Venerable Mu Hua took out the directional teleportation array and teleported the people Feng Tianba had gathered to the depths of the magical beast forest in one go.

The directional teleportation array was the top-level array in Miluo Continent. The teleportation distance could reach thousands of kilometers, and the approximate landing point could be specified.

However, it would cost tens of thousands of upper grade crystal stones to activate the directional teleportation array, and it would also require Nascent Soul Stage martial artists to overdraw their lifespan to activate it.

So originally, the ancestors of the Feng Family left this directional teleportation array to allow the family to escape in times of crisis.

For the wood source, Venerable Mu Hua couldn’t care much. If he was one step later and the vision disappeared, it would be extremely difficult to find the wood source.

The sky was getting closer to dusk. Because of the thunderclouds, the forest looked dark, giving people a sense of oppression.

Feng Yunjing led a dozen Gold Core Stage martial artists and a Nascent Soul Stage elder to shuttle in the forest, inspecting the surrounding suspicious phenomena little by little.

Venerable Mu Hua and Feng Batian had already rushed to the direction where the tribulation thunderclouds gathered.

Feng Yunjing and the others led their own teams to guard the surrounding areas. They searched for clues while blocking all possible escape routes of the “wood source”.

From time to time, Feng Yunjing’s gaze would look toward the direction where lightning struck.

He also really wanted to go there to the wood source as soon as possible. If… if I can get the wood source myself

Feng Yunjing swallowed with unwillingness and greed in his eyes.

“Young master, come and take a look. There seems to be something strange here.”

The subordinate’s voice quickly brought Feng Yunjing back from his thoughts.

A Gold Core Stage martial artist discovered an extremely hidden cave. When they didn’t get close, they might just treat this cave as an ordinary bush.

However, when the martial artist looked closely for a moment out of curiosity, he felt a fiery aura rushing toward them.

He had retreated as fast as he could, but a large piece of his hair was still scorched.

Feng Yunjing also approached the cave, but what he felt was not the scorching heat, but the freezing cold that would freeze his breath.

“What is insidel?” He murmured suspiciously, “Is this where beastkins hide their treasures?”

Thinking of this, Feng Yunjing’s eyes lit up. A long sword transfigured in his hand, and he struck suddenly.

The weeds that originally covered the cave made a piercing sound, then they were uprooted by the sword blow.

All eyes were on the cave.

After seeing the scene in the cave clearly, Feng Yunjing’s breath was stagnant. There was a trace of disbelief in his eyes.

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