Chapter 1442: Fated Encounter

Chapter 1442: Fated Encounter

Afterward, a smile was evoked on his face slowly. The smile became more and more wanton; more and more vicious!

After the bushes were blown away, a spacious cave was revealed.

But what appeared in the cave was not any beastkin treasure, but 2 people.

The young handsome man’s eyes were closed tightly. His body constantly exuded hot and cold aura alternately. His body trembled unconsciously. Obviously, he was in great pain.

And behind the young man, a handsome young man only wearing thin clothes was putting his palms on the young man’s back.

A light green spiritual power slowly penetrated into the man’s heart along his back.

The young man’s expression was dignified and anxious as if he had forgotten the whole world. His eyes were full of worries about the young man.

Feng Yunjing recognized at just one glance that the young man was Nangong Yu, and that handsome young man like a moon elf was none other than Xi Yue disguised as a man!

Of these 2 people, one was the man he dreamed of getting rid of and the other was the woman he dreamed of getting.

Today, God really favors me and send these 2 people to me, and it is with this method, hahaha!

At this moment, the elder walking with Feng Yunjing suddenly exclaimed, “Yunjing, look at the green spiritual power circulating in that young man’s hand, does it look like the wood source?”

Feng Yunjing’s heart suddenly constricted upon hearing this.

Even the other Feng Family’s disciples stared straight at each other with eyes full of excitement and greed.

After looking carefully, they could find that the air seemed to be filled with a vitality that was stronger than in other places.

This kind of green spiritual power, even if it was not a wood source, must be extremely precious.

“Should we notify the patriarch immediately?” The elder of the Feng Family asked.

Feng Yunjing swallowed and said decisively, “The Venerable and the others are busy, let’s catch them first.”

After a pause, he looked at the elder with eyes full of temptation and suggestion and said faintly, “Elder Liu, although the wood source is precious, it is not available to everyone in the Feng Family. But if it is only the 2 of us find the wood source?”

The elder’s eyes lit up. He immediately agreed to Feng Yunjing’s suggestion.

Not only because of the temptation of the wood source, but also because of the 2 people in the cave. Their condition didn’t seem very good. Especially King of Hell, no matter how terrifying he was at the beginning, now he seemed to be on the verge of death.

Feng Yunjing clenched the sword in his hand, walked slowly into the cave, stared at Xi Yue who was wearing thin clothes. His eyes swept across her delicate face and radiant skin before softly saying, “Xi Yue, do you still remember how you escaped from my hands on the Breaking Spirit Mountain? However, I also said that this was your last chance. This time, I will never let you escape from my grasp!”

The flame light on Nangong Yu’s body flickered, and the temperature in the air rose again.

The faces of several Gold Core Stage disciples were red, but to Feng Yunjing from Nascent Soul Stage, this heat was nothing.

Hexi frowned suddenly. She increased the output of the wood spiritual power again, and a hoarse voice came from her mouth, “Nangong Yu concentrates. Now is the most critical moment!”

Afterward, she shouted in a low voice, “Little Golden Dragon!”

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