Chapter 1443: Vicious

Chapter 1443: Vicious

As soon as she called out, Feng Yunjing felt a gust of wind blowing toward his face, making him take a step back involuntarily.

In front of Hexi and Nangong Yu, the little ones appeared.

The Little Golden Dragon hovered in the air and raised his voice, “Boss, don’t worry. We will definitely stop these guys!”

As he said that, his contemptuous and loathing eyes fell on Feng Yunjing, “You really won’t give up, will you? A piece of trash like you even dreams of touching my boss? I think your brain has been filled with too much shit!”

“Little Golden Dragon, you’re wrong!” Little Egg said angrily with his little hooves on his waist, “This kind of idiot who asked for humiliation repeatedly and doesn’t even know how to write the word ‘ugly’, does he have any brains?”

Chirp chirp chip~” It’s none of my business! Why even I have to fight! And who are these people? Their smell is so stinky. They should all be burned to death, so as not to pollute the air.

Feng Yunjing’s face was as gloomy as water.

It wasn’t the first time he was insulted by these little beasts. As early as Breaking Spirit Mountain, he wanted to tear these beasts into pieces.

This time, I will never give them another chance to be alive!

“Just a bunch of beasts. I’ll make you all speechless in no time!”

The long sword in Feng Yunjing’s hand suddenly floated up. At the same time, the black flag he had repaired rose up into the sky.

Feng Yunjing had fought with these spiritual pets of Xi Yue.

Although he knew that their abilities were very special, he didn’t pay them in his eyes at all.

But after fighting, Feng Yunjing discovered that the cultivation of these little beasts had improved a lot in just half a year.

And the few little beasts had cooperated very tacitly now.

Little Dumb Cow was defending, Little Golden Dragon was attacking, Xiao Li was in charge of field control, Little Red Bird was flying around to harass them, and Little Egg was responsible for replenishing their beastkin power.

2 Nascent Soul Stage plus a dozen Gold Core Stage were in a stalemate when facing these 5 spiritual pets.

Feng Yunjing glanced at Nangong Yu at the side, wondering if he was having an illusion. Nangong Yu’s erratic aura seemed to have stabilized a lot.

If this gets dragged like this, Nangong Yu’s injury will be healed by Xi Yue. By then, what chance would we have to survive?

A glint of sternness flashed in Feng Yunjing’s eyes. He suddenly sneered and said, “Xi Yue, do you still remember the kind of intimate contact I had with you in Breaking Spirit Mountain? I still remember the delicate fragrance emanating from your body. “

“There has never been a woman who can haunt me so much. When I think of being able to ravage you under my body, I’m so excited. For more than half a year, every night I dream of you lying in my arms…”

Boom—” There was a loud noise.

The fiery aura that had stabilized on Nangong Yu’s body suddenly tumbled like a storm.

Nangong Yu’s originally closed eyes suddenly opened.

Hexi let out a muffled grunt, and she was ejected away by a huge force.

Immediately afterward, a crimson flame burst out from Nangong Yu’s dantian, surging into her body.

Fiery, burning, incineration… The pain of the soul being scorched caused Hexi to groan.

Afterward, the wood spiritual power in her body instantly wrapped up the heat source as if it was alive. It devoured and melted the heat bit by bit.

When Hexi fell to the ground, Nangong Yu had already stood up.

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