Chapter 1444: Regret

Chapter 1444: Regret

It was just that something was completely wrong to him.

His one eye was blue and the other eye was fiery red, staring firmly at Feng Yunjing.

His body, with the nose as the middle, was half burning and half condensing into frots.

Feng Yunjing and the others were stunned. An inexplicable fear surged in their minds. They wanted to scream and run away.

But their feet seemed to be fixed by something. They couldn’t move at all.

Not to mention the people of the Feng Family, even Little Egg and a few other little ones were stunned by this scene.

Seeing Hexi being ejected, Little Egg wanted to rush over, but seeing Nangong Yu’s appearance, he trembled all over.

Daddy… Daddy looks so scary. Little Egg is so scared, wuu wuu… Mother!

Little Red Bird, who was the least courageous, fled into the void in panic and got into Xiao Chi’s arms.

Really scary! Really terrible aura!

Is he a god or a demon? What is that aura? Why do I feel the despair of destruction?

Nangong Yu stretched out his flaming hand and grabbed Feng Yunjing’s head.

Feng Yunjing’s pupils constricted. At that very moment, he gathered his strength miraculously, let out a short scream, and grabbed a disciple to block for him.

With the sizzling sound, the Feng Family’s disciple was burned into ashes without even making a sound.

Nangong Yu’s other hand grabbed at another Feng Family’s disciple. “Crack“, his warm body was frozen into ice cubes in the blink of an eye, then he shattered.

Just in the blink of an eye, 2 martial artists at the peak of the Gold Core Stage were erased.

Feng Yunjing regretted it; so regretful that his intestines turned green.

He originally wanted to provoke Nangong Yu so that he would go crazy and perhaps die due to the heavy injury.

I didn’t expect him to go crazy, and even become so powerful.

The Feng Family’s disciples were reduced to ashes one by one in the hands of Nangong Yu. Each of them died so easily like what Nangong Yu killed was not a high rank martial artist but an insignificant ant.

Elder Liu trembled all over. He suddenly said in a trembling voice, “Run, run now! Inform the great elder!”

Feng Yunjing didn’t want to fight for any wood source at this time. He just hoped to escape quickly.

Hexi frowned and woke up from the endless pain.

The first thing she saw was Nangong Yu who had completely lost his mind and changed beyond recognition.

In the eyes of others, Nangong Yu was only scary and invincible, but Hexi only took one look, and her heart skipped a beat.

Nangong Yu’s cold poison was fully stimulated. It was about to devour the lingering flames of the Jade Fire Toad bit by bit.

Moreover, with Nangong Yu’s attack, the cold attribute of the cold poison would become stronger and stronger.

The moment the extreme yang flame was completely devoured, Nangong Yu would be killed by the cold poison.

Hexi sat up abruptly and shot the silver needles in his hand toward Nangong Yu.

However, before the silver needles even got close to Nangong Yu’s body, they were already reduced to ashes.

Hexi tried to call out a few more times, but Nangong Yu couldn’t hear her voice at all.

Feng Yunjing and the others had just escaped to the entrance of the cave, but the crackling sound suddenly came from the entrance. An ice wall quickly condensed, blocking their way.

The exit was blocked, and there was death behind.

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