Chapter 1445: Bone-Piercing Pain

Chapter 1445: Bone-Piercing Pain

Elder Liu’s face was distorted. His eyes were filled with fear and madness. He suddenly roared, “Since you won’t give us a way out, I will fight to the death with you! We are both at the Nascent Soul Stage, I don’t believe you can be any stronger than us!”

A large amount of spiritual power gushed out from Elder Liu. At the same time, the soil in the cave also began to shake.

The next moment, a large piece of rock raised from the ground, enveloping Nangong Yu in it.

Elder Liu had already pierced his sword toward Nangong Yu’s heart.

The long sword pierced into Nangong Yu’s body, and Elder Liu’s face showed ecstasy.

But the next moment, the ecstasy turned into panic.

There was an icy breath from the grade 9 sword in his hand. The sharp blade slowly condensed with frost, then it turned into powder inch by inch.

The frost continued to spread onto his body.

The last scene Elder Liu saw was a face that was half flaming and half frosty and, the red and blue eyes. They looked indifferent and cruel as if he was looking at a dead man.

Ahh—!! Elder Liu’s death made the people of the Feng Family collapse.

Nangong Yu did not stop, and he walked toward Feng Yunjing.

Feng Yunjing was terrified. He was retreating in despair, and he suddenly stumbled and fell to the ground.

“Don’t come over! Don’t come over! Nangong Yu, if you kill me, my father and the Venerable will not let you go!”

The disciples of the Feng Family swung their swords desperately to resist. The fear in their eyes had turned into despair.

In their eyes, Nangong Yu was the god of death from hell, who could kill them at will.

But only Hexi present knew how bad Nangong Yu’s situation was at the moment.

The flames on his body had become increasingly dimmer. Most of his body had been covered in frost, and his originally red pupil had also turned blue.

Just a little longer and just a few more attacks, Nangong Yu’s dantian and fundamental essence would be completely swallowed by the cold poison.

Nangong Yu… will die?

No! I will never allow this to happen!

A hint of determination flashed in Hexi’s eyes. She rushed toward Nangong Yu without hesitation.

“Mom, don’t!”

“Boss, you are crazy. You will be frozen into ice crystals!”

The little ones were going crazy, desperately trying to stop Hexi, but it was too late.

Hexi threw herself behind Nangong Yu and hugged him tightly from behind.

The bone-piercing cold mixed with scorching heat came from Nangong Yu’s body.

Hexi could almost hear the sound of his own blood being frozen, and the sound of his flesh being scorched.

It hurts, it hurts! It hurts so badly!

However, if I let go, Nangong Yu will die! How can I allow it?

“Nangong Yu, stop!” Hexi shouted hoarsely behind him, “If this keeps on, you will die! I don’t want to lose you, do you hear me?”

Nangong Yu’s original forward movement stagnated slightly, and the cold poison that was spreading seemed to have slowed down a little.

A faint hoarse voice came from the cave, “Xi’er… I want… to kill him…”

“Nangong Yu!” Hexi gritted her teeth, “Trust me, let me handle it, okay? I will kill him and never let him have the slightest chance to humiliate me! Yu, trust me!”

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