Chapter 1446: Arrogant and Smug

Chapter 1446: Arrogant and Smug

The ice-blue pupils flickered for a while, then Nangong Yu closed his eyes and removed the spiritual power shield on his body.

Hexi made a prompt decision, took out the silver needles, and pierced several big acupuncture points of Nangong Yu.

Almost at the moment when the silver needles entered his body, Nangong Yu’s body shook and he passed out.

“Mom, wuuwuu. Mom, are you alright?” Little Egg threw himself into Hexi’s arms, touched the burn marks on Hexi’s body, and cried very sadly.

Hexi let out a breath, smiled, and comforted, “Little Egg, don’t worry, when I clean the wound with Circle of Life tomorrow, it will heal. Don’t worry, I’m fine.”

Now the wood spiritual power that Circle of Life could purify had been completely exhausted while healing Nangong Yu.

At the beginning, Jade Fire Toad refused to enter Nangong Yu’s body no matter what. It was Hexi who used the wood spiritual power purified by the Circle of Life to guide it bit by bit with a difficulty. Finally, she managed to slowly merge the Jade Fire Toad with Nangong Yu’s dantian.

Who knew that this hidden cave would be found by Feng Yunjing.

Everything fell short. Jade Fire Toad was absorbed by her body, and Nangong Yu’s cold poison was triggered completely. His life was on the verge of dying.

All of this was caused by Feng Yunjing and his people!

Ha…haha…hahahaha…” Feng Yunjing’s laughter suddenly came from behind.

From the intermittent and shocked at the beginning, he became arrogant and smug later.

He thought he was going to die, but he didn’t expect Xi Yue to bring Nangong Yu down herself.

Haha, Xi Yue, are you interested in me, that’s why you took action against Nangong Yu?”

Feng Yunjing stood up from the ground, patted the dust on his clothes, and turned back into the aloof young master of the Feng Family in an instant.

His burning eyes were fixed on Hexi, “Xi Yue, I will never forget your love for me. Hehe, as long as you kill Nangong Yu now, I promise that the position of young madam of the Feng Family is definitely yours!”

Feng Yunjing had already confirmed that Xi Yue attacked Nangong Yu was because she had fallen for him.

Otherwise, why would she save me from Nangong Yu’s hands?

Since Xi Yue has such affection for him, I will not let her down. The precious wood source is also mine too. Haha!

With the help of the Little Golden Dragon, Hexi moved the unconscious Nangong Yu to a clean rock, then she slowly got up and looked at Feng Yunjing not far away.

The cave was still blocked by a thick layer of ice, but without Nangong Yu’s spiritual power containing cold poison, the ice layer was just ordinary ice. A Nascent Soul Stage martial artist could blast it away with a sword.

So at this time, Feng Yunjing didn’t want to run away at all. Instead, he showed a determined smile and walked toward Hexi.

Hexi stretched out her slender fingers, and the Li Shui Sword exuding colorful light slowly appeared in her hand.

Feng Yunjing looked at the girl in front, and he suddenly felt in a trance.

The willow eyebrows were dark without painting, the lips were red without cinnabar, and the bright phoenix pupils had a breathtaking beauty under the light of the ice.

Xi Yue, Xi Yue, this is the woman I long for! This is the first woman I dream of getting!

Today, I finally got her completely.

If she still wants to resist, I will also get her first! Feng Yunjing squinted with a hint of ruthlessness.

Hexi raised the Li Shui Sword, and it burst into colorful light.

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