Chapter 1447: The Death Of Feng Yunjing

Chapter 1447: The Death Of Feng Yunjing

The sword flew to the top of the cave, then thousands of swords rained down instantly.

Feng Yunjing had seen this move before. Flying Flower Sword Rain. Although it was somewhat interesting, it did not pose a threat to him at all.

Swoosh—” Thousands of sword lights suddenly fell like rain.

The young girl on the opposite smirked. The already delicate face was instantly radiant and beautiful.

A bad premonition suddenly surged in Feng Yunjing’s heart.

The next moment, he heard the miserable screams of the remaining Feng Family’s disciples around him.

He suddenly turned his head to look, then he widened his eyes in horror and disbelief.

He saw bleeding corpses being pinned to the ground. Their chests had big holes, and their hearts burst.

Every corpse was full of disbelief, and their hands were still held stiffly in the air as if trying to grab the sword that pierced them.

These… These are the martial artists at the Gold Core Stage? All… all of them are the martial artists at the peak of the Gold Core Stage!

Li Shui Sword circled around and returned to Hexi’s hands.

The leisurely sneering eyes fell on Feng Yunjing’s shocked face, and a clear voice sounded slowly in the cave, “Feng Yunjing, as I said, one day, I will repay the humiliation you did on me on the Breaking Spirit Mountain.”

“So, if you are dead under the others, how can I be happy? You, and Feng Lianying, have to die. Of course, you are all going to die by my hands!”

Feng Yunjing staggered back. The young girl in front of him obviously looked no more than 17 years old. She looked so slender and so weak, but he felt the fear of extinction from her.

“Xi Yue, I… I just like you! I just want you to be my woman. I even promised you the position of young madam of the Feng Family. How could you kill me? How could you…”

The Li Shui Sword whistled toward him and obliquely slashed through Feng Yunjing’s Adam’s Apple.

In an instant, blood spurted out, and the panic shout stopped abruptly.

Feng Yunjing didn’t realize until his death that he actually fell for this woman whom he had been playing with in his hands all this time. He was not reconciled to die like this.

After He Xi dealt with Feng Yunjing, she hurried back to check on Nangong Yu’s situation. If it wasn’t for the special situation now, she wouldn’t let him die so easily.

Near Toad Jade Palace, Feng Tianba, who was guarding the periphery and waiting for instructions from Venerable Mu Hua, suddenly felt a palpitation in his heart as if his heart had been grabbed by something. It caused him unspeakable panic.

Immediately afterward, there was a “pop” sound from his chest.

Feng Tianba quickly took out the thing. His eyes turned red after seeing it.

That was the vital jade pendant of his only son, Feng Yunjing.

When the vital jade pendant was broken, it meant that Feng Yunjing was dead.

Who? Who killed Yunjing? Who killed my proudest son whom I spent the most effort to train?

Feng Batian’s body kept trembling. His eyes stared in one direction. The hatred and anger in his eyes surged like a tide.

Wood source and the responsibility of the master of the Feng Family were completely forgotten by him at this moment.

Feng Tianba crushed the shattered jade pendant into powder, then sprinkled it into the air. The powder of the jade pendant flew toward a certain direction automatically.

“Come with me!” Feng Batian greeted all his subordinates and flew towards the direction where the powder was flying.

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