Chapter 1448: Scary Man

Chapter 1448: Scary Man

At this time, Hexi also fell into a state of anxiety.

The cold poison on Nangong Yu’s body became more and more fierce, and the extreme yang flames of the Jade Fire Toad that he had absorbed were swallowed up by the cold poison little by little.

Even because of the cold poison, no one except her could resist the invasion of the cold. The little ones had long been hiding in the void, not daring to show up.

Hexi tried to mobilize the Jade Fire Toad in her body, but Jade Fire Toad seemed to disappear completely.

No matter how she used Divine Sense to look inside and how she channeled her spiritual power, she couldn’t even feel a trace of the toad.

If this continues, Nangong Yu will definitely die!

What to do? What to do?

Hexi took a deep breath to calm herself down.

Now she had no choice but to channel her own fire spiritual power in her body to see if she could relieve the spread of the cold poison.

The pure fire spiritual power circulated in her dantian for one around and slowly condensed in her palm.

Hexi didn’t realize that when she was channeling the fire spiritual power. She also channeled the Circle of Life out of habit.

The fire spiritual power entered Nangong Yu’s body and was instantly swallowed by the cold poison without any suspense. To make matters worse, the cold poison in Nangong Yu’s body seemed to have a suction force. When it came into contact with the fire spiritual power, it automatically drained a large amount.

Hexi gritted her teeth and continued to channel fire spiritual power. Her face turned pale bit by bit. Her originally rosy lips cracked and oozed blood.

Just when Hexi felt that her dantian was getting more and more exhausted, and her strength was slowly fading.

Nangong Yu, who was originally in a coma, opened his eyes suddenly. The blue eyes that were originally infected by the cold poison were now deep and dark like the abyss. There was no light in them at all.

At the same time, there was the sound of ice shattering at the entrance of the cave.


Li Yu was still worried about Xi Yue’s safety in Toad Jade Palace.

The beastkins only thought that Xi Yue rescued them in the Mojing Pavilion, and she later rescued the Beastkin King with medical skills.

But they didn’t know that the wood source that suddenly emanated from Beastkin King also came from Xi Yue.

It could be said that Xi Yue had the grace of rebuilding the beastkin clan.

After Xi Yue and that scary man left, Li Yu considered for a long time, and she finally turned into Yue Min Bird and quietly came near the cave.

That’s right, Li Yu felt that man named Nangong Yu, who was Xi Yue’s partner, was scary.

There was a terrifying coercion on her body, as well as an aura that was like the Death that made both human and beastkin tremble.

Li Yu was very afraid that Xi Yue would get hurt when she was treating the man named Nangong Yu.

However, even Li Yu had already thought about the horror of Nangong Yu many times in her mind.

When she saw the scene in front of it, she still couldn’t help being frightened until her feather stood up.

The cave in front of her was still a place Li Yu was familiar with. She and Brother Feng Shan found this place by chance. Many beastkins couldn’t discover it.

However, this familiar place was completely covered in blood and severed limbs.

The strong smell of blood spread throughout the entire. End even the flowers and plants beside withered because of being contaminated with too much evil aura.

Standing in this pool of blood was a person in a black robe with an extraordinary demeanor, but he was terrifying like a demon from hell —— Nangong Yu.

Li Yu saw Xi Yue sitting cross-legged in a corner of the cave.

At this moment, the bloody man who had killed everyone was walking toward Xi Yue, her savior, step by step.

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