Chapter 1450: It Doesn’t Seem To Be Him

Chapter 1450: It Doesn’t Seem To Be Him

She stretched out and pushed the man away, “Nangong Yu, what’s happening to you?”

The next moment, she heard a “tearing” sound. Half of her clothes were torn off.

Her naked skin felt a more bone-chilling chill.

Hexi shivered. Her body felt chilly. In the darkness, she raised her head and met those dark eyes, which were darker than the night. She had a creepy feeling in her heart.

The man in front of him was clearly Nangong Yu, but it didn’t seem to be him.

Hexi was terrified by the unfamiliar coercion. She instinctively wanted to struggle and scream.

However, the cold hands had already restrained all her movements. The rough palms with thin calluses were groping and kneading her smooth and jade-like skin. There was an obvious domineering and possessive desire!

“Nangong Yu——!” Hexi’s hoarse calling sounded so abrupt and obvious in the darkness.

The originally dark eyes suddenly flickered, and Nangong Yu’s eyes showed a hint of struggle. The eyes were stained with ice blue color.

“Xi’er… Xi’er… I’m cold…” The hoarse voice was full of uneasiness and loneliness, “Don’t leave me, Xi’er. Don’t leave me alone!”

Hexi seemed to be stabbed by something in the heart, and she stretched out to hug the man’s cold body. The water light in her eyes was faintly visible.

The cold poison was triggered and Nangong Yu’s life was at stake, but she couldn’t do anything.

Jade Fire Toad, the Jade Fire Toad that I finally found, why did it fall short?

My medical skills can obviously save so many people, but why can’t I save the man love the most?

Desperate anger surged in Hexi’s heart. She hugged the man’s cold body tightly as if she had endless grievances and unwillingness.

She didn’t realize that there was a faint red light emitting from her body with a warm temperature.

And Nangong Yu seemed to have suddenly found some way to save himself, and he suddenly hugged the soft body of the girl under him.

A messy and rough kiss landed on Hexi’s neck, his cold body desperately looking for a source of warmth.

The sharp teeth bit the delicate skin on the neck, and the warm and sweet liquid poured into the tip of the tongue.

Nangong Yu’s body stiffened suddenly.

At the moment the blood flowed down his throat, he felt the long-lost warmth.

He seemed to have finally found the bond that could protect him for a lifetime. It was as if the cold poison that had tortured him for more than a dozen years had suddenly disappeared without a trace. It also seemed that he had obtained everything he desired most in the world.

In the silent night, only the sound of sucking blood remained.

The moment Hexi’s skin was torn by the bite, her consciousness felt chaotic. Her eyes were heavy and could no longer be opened.

Finally, she fell asleep.

In the dark night, Nangong Yu propped up his body and held the unconscious girl tightly in his arms.

Even if it was pitch black, he could clearly see the girl’s long eyelashes hanging down. The eyelashes were stained with crystal water droplets.

Even in the dark, the soft white skin exuded a fascinating shimmer.

I obviously hug her in my arms, but it isn’t enough, far from enough. I want more. I want to own such a wonderful person forever. I will never let her leave my side.

The scorching palms covered the girl’s smooth skin, wanting to devour her desperately.

But there was a voice in his heart that said: No! Not now!

Nangong Yu lowered his head and hugged the girl tightly into his arms. His heavy and tired eyes were slowly closed, but his hands did not let go at all. They tightly guarded like a giant dragon guarding his treasure, not allowing anyone to covet.

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