Chapter 1451: Ferocious Smile

Chapter 1451: Ferocious Smile

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Toad Jade Palace.

The beastkins were nervously watching the advancement of the Beastkin King.

No one noticed that the misty smoke spread silently in Toad Jade Palace.

When beastkin noticed, they couldn’t hold on any longer and fell to the ground one by one.

People of the Feng Family came out of their hiding places laughing, looking at Venerable Mu Hua with admiration and awe.

This was their patriarch. The alchemy master who was one foot stepped into the Soul Splitting Stage——Venerable Mu Hua.

“Venerable Mu Hua, you are so powerful. Even the rank 9 beastkin can’t resist your drug.”

Venerable Mu Hua stroked his beard and said with a leisurely smile, “My [Soul Enchanting Smoke] is an ancient prescription from the upper realm. Not to mention beastkin, even the Soul Splitting Stage martial artists can’t resist it.”

“The magical beast forest is indeed terrifying and unfathomable.” Venerable Mu Hua glanced around and smiled with contempt in his eyes, “but only because of the rank 11 beastkin who is advancing, and the Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree’s protection.”

“But now, the demi-divine beast has lost its combat effectiveness and the Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree has been damaged. The protection range has shrunk. Do you think these little beastkins can pose a threat to us humans?”

Hahaha…” One of the elders of the Feng Family laughed, “In terms of strength, these beastkin’s cultivation is of course higher than ours, but in terms of shrewdness, these beastkins are simply stupid and vulnerable.”

Seeing that these beastkin were easily knockout, the great grand elder of the Feng Family had a bad premonition for some reason.

But since Venerable Mu Hua said that it was fine, he swallowed the words that came to his lips.

The great grand elder bowed and said, “The Venerable, what should we do with these beastkin? Should we kill them on the spot?”

Venerable Mu Hua narrowed his eyes slightly, and a flash of burning greed flashed in his eyes, “No, someone above wants these beastkins, and the price is very high. You all control these beastkins, but you must ensure that they have no ability to resist. I’ll deal with them later.”

Ensure that they could not resist? That was to cut off the hands and feet and even peel their skin and severed their tendons. Other methods were not necessarily safe for the beastkins with powerful physique.

This was obviously an extremely cruel method, but it was as simple as killing a chicken for the people of the Feng Family and Golden Wolf.

The members of the Feng Family responded quickly.

And Venerable Mu Hua looked at the man in a red robe above. His eyes flashed, and his body trembled excitedly.

This is what I want. The wood source aura emanates from this rank 11 beastkin.

At usual times, I can’t deal with this beastkin.

But at this moment, this beastkin is advancing, which is the weakest period.

As long as I kill this beast now, the wood source will be mine. Hahaha!

Thinking of this, Venerable Mu Hua didn’t hesitate any longer. He soared into the air and flew straight toward Venerable Mu Hua.

His palm had transfigured a weapon that looked like a sword but not a sword.

A flat and long sword, but with serrated edges on both sides.

If this sword penetrated into a person’s body, it could put out all the internal organs when drawing out.

Moreover, the blade was smeared with poison. Anyone who was stabbed by this sword, no matter if it was a human or a beastkin, it would die a miserable death.

A ferocious smile appeared on Venerable Mu Hua’s face. The wrinkles that usually disappeared because of his solemnity and dignity now appeared on his face like ugly reptiles.

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