Chapter 1452: The Consequence of Self-Righteousness

Chapter 1452: The Consequence of Self-Righteousness

I’m already hundreds of years old. If I still don’t break through, my lifespan will soon come to an end.

But I haven’t enjoyed enough of the wonderful taste of power, how can I be willing to die of old age?

However, it is different with wood source. I will definitely break through and return to my youth.

At that time, let alone Miluo Continent, I will even have a place in the Siam Continent.

The long sword full of barbs stabbed fiercely at the Beastkin King whose eyes were closing.

Venerable Mu Hua smirked, waiting for the pleasure of splattering blood and flesh.

But the next moment, he met a pair of mocking eyes.

The sharp sword tip stopped half an inch away from Beastkin King’s heart as if it had encountered some resistance.

Venerable Mu Hua’s eyes widened. A trace of unbelievable horror quickly passed through his mind.

He raised his head and looked up, only to see that dusk was approaching, but the thunderclouds in the sky had dissipated at some point. The lightning and thunder just now was gone like a dream.


The terrified screams of the disciples of the Feng Family came from below.

When Venerable Mu Hua looked down, he saw those beastkins who were unconscious just now unexpectedly woke up.

They were slaughtering the disciples of the Feng Family one by one with sinister smiles.

Venerable Mu Hua only felt that his breathing seemed to be stagnant. He stared at the Beastkin King stiffly. He wanted to withdraw his long sword, but found that he couldn’t move a single bit.

“You… you lied to me… you have already completed the thunder tribulation?!”

The young man in a red robe stretched out his slender white hand and grabbed the long sword full of barbs. With just a light force, Venerable Mu Hua’s sword was snatched away by him.

The Beastkin King sneered slightly, but there was a ferocious hint in his eyes, “Even if you humans are despicable, do you think we will fall for the same method successively? Hehe, you really think we beastkins are fools!?”

“Since you are all so self-righteous and think that you can benefit from us beastkins, then taste the consequence of your self-righteousness!”

As soon as he finished, that slender white hand suddenly turned into an ice blue claw that resembled a dragon claw. With a puff, it pierced through Venerable Mu Hua’s heart.

Below, the toad beastkin surnamed Pang turned into a huge toad, crushing a Feng Family’s disciples into meat paste.

Then he turned into the human form again, wiped the blood splattered on his mouth, and sneered, “Fortunately, Miracle Healer Xi left some medicine for us before he left. Tsk tsk, these human beings think their drugs are so powerful, but compared to Miracle Healer Xi, they are still far worse.”

At this time, the disciples of the Feng Family also saw Venerable Mu Hua whose heart had been pierced by the Beastkin King in mid-air.

At this moment, the luck and fear in their minds turned into horrific despair.

They screamed and fled in all directions. Even the respected elders of the Feng Family were the same.

At this time, no one laughed at the stupidity of the beastkins, and no one coveted the wood source.


When Toad Jade Palace and the mysterious cave were in dire straits, the people of Miracle Healer Academy were still waiting anxiously and panicked.

The elders of the Doctors Association had been tied up one by one with natural silk.

Lu Zhixi and several pioneer branch students who had fought against Xi Yue were also restrained.

Lu Zhixi was still in a coma, so she couldn’t explain for herself, but those in the pioneer branch were not reconciled.

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