Chapter 1453: Scared Witless

Chapter 1453: Scared Witless

“We are also students of Miracle Healer Academy, and Xi Yue is also a student of Miracle Healer Academy, how can you treat us like that!”

A beautiful girl among them said proudly, “You guys better let me go. I just saw the unique contact signal of our Feng Family. That can only be used by the master or elder. The people of our Feng Family are in the magical beast forest now. Perhaps the thunderclouds and abnormalities deep in the forest were also caused by our Feng Family.”

“When the time comes, the elders of our Feng Family will not let you go if they know you treat me like this!”

This girl was also a talented and intelligent disciple of the Feng Family. Although she was not as famous as Feng Lianying, she was actually more talented. She was carefully cultivated by the great elder of the Feng Family.

The elders of the Doctors Association were already desperate, but when they heard the girl’s words, they all beamed with joy.

The Feng Family and the Doctors Association were in a close relationship. If the big shots of the Feng Family really came to the magical beast forest, then even the Miracle Healer Academy couldn’t deal with them casually, let alone a mere Xi Yue!

Several elders of Miracle Healer Academy looked at each other with a hint bit of hesitation.

After losing Liu Li Sect, Feng Family’s strength had been reduced a lot, and their prestige was not as good as before. But a lean camel is bigger than a horse. If the Feng Family really came to the magical beast forest with all their forces, Miracle Healer Academy would definitely suffer heavy losses in a fight with them.

Just as they were hesitating, several figures suddenly rushed in this direction.

There were also hoarse and excited cries for help and a strong smell of blood.

The people of Miracle Healer Academy looked at the source of the sound. When the girl surnamed Feng from the pioneer branch saw the appearance of the people, she immediately exclaimed, “That’s the Third Elder and Ninth Elder!”

Afterward, she was immediately overjoyed, “See? Those are the elders of our Feng Family, and they are all at the Nascent Soul Stage. If you are sensible, release me now! Otherwise, when my Feng Family’s large force arrives, they will never let you go…”

Before the girl finished speaking, several black shadows flashed behind her suddenly.

Afterward, the people of Miracle Healer Academy watched one elder of the Feng Family, a martial artist at the Nascent Soul Stage, being torn in half by the shoulders.

Blood and internal organs splattered. One claw grabbed the heart and swallowed it.

The people of Miracle Healer Academy stared blankly at this scene. They couldn’t believe their eyes.

“Help me… help me… It’s beastkin. Hur… hurry up…”

Another elder of the Feng Family screamed desperately and fled in their direction.

However, before running a few steps, he was grabbed by another beastkin again. His body was also torn apart, and his heart and dantian were swallowed.

For a while, there was silence in the dark forest. Everyone held their breath.

Seeing the beastkins slowly approaching and the bloodstain on their mouths, they were almost scared out of their wits.

Zeng Shouyue also looked solemn, blocking all the people of the Huang Medical Branch behind him.

Beastkins, a lot of beastkins, and almost all of them are above rank 7. There are even rank 8 and 9 magical beasts hidden around.

Rank 7 beastkin can fight against the martial artists at the intermediate stage and later stage of the Nascent Soul Stage, what about rank 8 and 9?

Zeng Shouyue couldn’t imagine that if these beastkins wanted to attack them, how many of his students and elders would escape alive.

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