Chapter 1454: Make Yourself At Home

Chapter 1454: Make Yourself At Home

The leader was a rank 9 tiger beastkin with big ears and a square face. His face was full of murderous intent.

He looked at the people of the Miracle Healer Academy coldly and said faintly, “It’s another group of hateful humans. We might as well slaughter them all. I just found out that my beastkin power has increased a lot after devouring human hearts and dantian .”

As he spoke, he grinned and walked toward the people of Miracle Healer Academy step by step.

Zeng Shouyue drew out his long sword. The elders of Miracle Healer Academy were filled with fear, but they still stepped forward one by one and stood in front of the students.

They were ready to perish together with the beastkins.

But before the tiger beastkin took 2 steps, a chubby young man behind him slapped him on the head.

“What nonsense are you talking about?” The chubby young man said angrily, “Don’t you sense the smell of Miracle Healer Xi on them?”

The tiger beastkin was taken aback by the words, and he sniffed vigorously. There was really a herbal smell that was unique to Xi Yue.

The tiger beastkin suddenly felt embarrassed, looked nervously and guiltily at Zeng Shouyue and the others, and said in a rumbling voice, “Sorry, it turns out that you are the friends of Miracle Healer Xi. Sorry for bothering you. We are just here to hunt down some enemies who invaded the magical beast forest. Just make yourself at home!”

Zeng Shouyue and the others were dumbfounded all of a sudden. Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay, but they couldn’t react to it for a long time.

What’s the situation? The beastkins who were so vicious just now suddenly apologized to us?

Moreover, just a few hours ago, didn’t they deploy the confinement space, magical beast, and corpse puppet poison on us? Why do these beastkins become so friendly in the blink of an eye? What happened?

Deputy Dean Jiang took a step forward and looked at the tiger beastkin cautiously and nervously, “May I ask who is Miracle Healer Xi you are talking about…”

The tiger beastkin was about to say something, but the chubby young man behind him covered his mouth and dragged him away.

The beastkins came fast and went fast.

Only the people of the Miracle Healer Academy were left standing there in a daze. They were at loss.

In fact, everyone had a question in their minds: Is the Miracle Healer Xi that the tiger beastkin is talking about… Xi Yue?

Just when everyone was wondering, the guard against the Doctors Association, Lu Zhixi and others were naturally relaxed.

Suddenly, a gust of wind mixed with fallen leaves and dust swept in.

Deputy Dean Jiang and others were caught off guard and had no time to cast the protective shield cover, and their eyes were instantly blinded by the wind and sand.

The students were staggered by the strong wind. They had to support each other so as not to be blown away.

After the elders of Miracle Healer Academy cast the protective shield and dispersed the wind and sand, everyone looked around. Their expressions immediately became extremely ugly.

The elders of the Doctors Association who were originally bound, as well as Lu Zhixi, disappeared without a trace.

“Someone must have rescued them!” Zeng Shouyue gritted his teeth and said angrily, “Maybe it’s the people of the Doctors Association!”

Deputy Dean Jiang sneered and said, “Doctors Association, Lu Xuyang! We will definitely settle the scores with them when we return!”


The elders of the Doctors Association were bound all over, and their spiritual power could not be used. When they felt the dust and wind coming, they were involuntarily blown to this side and could only keep calling for help.

However, when they opened their eyes, they saw something unexpected.

This was a rare hill in the magical beast forest. A man in a long robe stood on the top of the hill. The bloody sunset shone on his slightly pale face. His usually refined and elegant face now looked blurry.

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