Chapter 1455: Swear Allegiance To The Death?

Chapter 1455: Swear Allegiance To The Death?

But the elders of the Doctors Association and the students of the pioneer branch recognized this man at a glance.

“President—!” The elders of the Doctors Association straightened up in joy. Even though the natural silk on their bodies had not been untied, they still wanted to kneel down excitedly.

It turned out that the wind just now was caused by the president. It was to save them.

“The president’s great kindness and virtue, we will never forget it!”

“If presiden has any order, we will execute it without hesitation.”

Even the people of the pioneer branch thanked Lu Xuyang happily, looking at him with reverence.

This was the president of the Doctors Association. The legendary figure known as the first person among doctors.

How lucky they were to be saved by someone like that.

The only person in the audience who was still unconscious was Lu Zhixi.

Lu Xuyang’s expression was gentle. His pale face looked weak and thin under the setting sun, but no one noticed that his eyes were flickering with dim light.

He walked slowly in front of one of the elders of the Doctors Association, knelt down, and made a gesture to help him up, but he said gently, “Are you really willing to do anything for me?”

“Of course, we will never forget the president’s saving grace!” It was the first time for this elder to be treated so kindly by the president. His body trembled with excitement.

Lu Xuyang smirked with a hint of greedy light in his eyes, and he said slowly, “Since you have such awareness, that’s great.”

Before he finished speaking, the elder of the Doctors Association suddenly widened his eyes and showed a terrified expression.

It wasn’t until this moment that he realized that Lu Xuyang’s hand was attached to his dantian.

There was a powerful force that was absorbing spiritual power and life force from his dantian.

“President, you… you——!”

He let out a hoarse cry, and his eyes filled with disbelief. He desperately channeled dantian, trying to get back the spiritual power and vitality that had been taken away.

However, it was too late. He could clearly feel his skin wrinkled. His flesh and blood were sucked away. His whole body became dry and cold.

The last thing the elder saw was that Lu Xuyang stood up with a leisurely smile, his originally pale complexion became a little more rosy.

And he himself became a mummy and fell dead to the ground with a thud.

For a moment, everyone was stunned.

They watched this scene in disbelief, and it took a while before someone screamed, “President Lu, what… what are you doing?”

Lu Xuyang opened his shirt and looked at it. The huge wound that appeared after being attacked by Nangong Yu had indeed healed a lot under the nourishment of vitality.

He showed a satisfied smile, glanced at everyone, and said with a faint smile, “Didn’t you say that you would swear allegiance to me to the death? Now, your chance has come!”

“Lu Xuyang, you… where did you learn the evil method? Are you not afraid of suffering retribution for taking away the life force of others like this?”

“President, how could you treat us like that? We are all your most loyal subordinates!”

The gentle smile on Lu Xuyang’s face suddenly turned ferocious and fierce. When he raised his hand, one of the elders involuntarily flew into the air and got caught in his hand, “If you want to blame, blame Xi Yue. If I’m not injured until the wound can’t heal itself, I wouldn’t think of using you to nourish my wound and dantian.”

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