Chapter 1456: Red Pill

Chapter 1456: Red Pill

Hehe, but fortunately, the effect is not bad. It is your honor to be able to die for me.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the elder in his hand turned into a mummy again, and Lu Xuyang threw it on the ground.

One, two, three… As Lu Xuyang devoured more and more people, more and more mummies appeared on the ground.

The elders of the Doctors Association and the students of the pioneer branch desperately wanted to scream and flee, but the natural silk had sealed their spiritual power, making them completely powerless to resist.

In less than 10 minutes, everyone present was devoured by Lu Xuyang.

On Lu Xuyang’s originally delicate and gentle face, there were creepy dark red patterns around his eyes.

He originally gave people the impression of a gentle scholar, but now he looked more like a devil. His body was exuding a dark aura, looking completely different from the original Lu Xuyang.

Lu Xuyang walked slowly to Lu Zhixi who was the only one who didn’t turn into a mummy.

Lu Zhixi seemed to be still in a coma, but her trembling body and shoulders betrayed her.

Lu Xuyang smiled faintly, “What’s the matter, Zhixi? Are you not happy to see father, Zhixi?”

Lu Zhixi trembled all over his body, stood up abruptly, threw herself in front of Lu Xuyang, and cried, “Father, I didn’t see anything. I really didn’t see anything. Please let me live! I will never disobey father!”

Lu Xuyang looked at the rotten wound on Lu Zhixi’s face. The ferocious flesh and black rotten flesh mixed together. When he cried, it kept twitching. The look was disgusting.

If his daughter had the advantage of being beautiful in the past, now she really had nothing left.

Lu Xuyang touched the healed wound on his chest and smiled lightly: “I’m full now, and I really don’t need to devour you anymore. However, I, Lu Xuyang, never raise useless people, even my own daughter.”

“Father, I… I won’t be useless. Really! I would do anything for you! Also, didn’t you say that Xi Yue harmed you? No one in the world hates Xi Yue more than me. Father, believe in me, I will definitely avenge you.”

The light in Lu Xuyang’s eyes flickered. He spread his palm, and a tiny red pill appeared in his palm, “If Zhixi is really willing to be obedient, swallow this thing.”

Looking at the red pill, Lu Zhixi felt an inexplicable panic in her heart, “Father, this is…”

“This is voodoo.” The beastkin power and spiritual power in Lu Xuyang’s body mixed and surged, quickly covering up the terrifying bloody patterns around his eyes. He returned to the gentle and elegant President Lu, “As long as you eat it, you can restore your appearance. Otherwise, how can you help father with your current appearance? I will never keep a useless person. “

Voodoo?! Lu Zhixi was shocked.

Of course, she knew voodoo. It was 1 of the unique skills of the master of Thousand Poison Valley from the upper realm.

Each type of voodoo had different effects. She had even seen someone who changed from ugly to beautiful after taking the voodoo insect.

But Lu Zhixi also knew that all those who swallowed the voodoo would not end well. Once the voodoo entered the body, one day it would devour the person in return.

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