Chapter 1457: You Animal

Chapter 1457: You Animal

By that time, she would only die horribly or be absorbed into a mummy.

Thinking of the terrible ending after swallowing the voodoo, Lu Zhixi trembled with fright. Her body kept moving back.

But then, she couldn’t help touching her face again.

There was rot and pus, and it was itchy and painful. Even the corpse puppet poison would break out at any time, turning her into a terrifying monster.

No! Instead of bearing such an ugly face for the rest of my life, I would rather die a miserable life in the future!

At least before I die, I must make Xi Yue, that bitch, suffer the same pain as mine!

Thinking of this, Lu Zhixi’s eyes blazed with flames, and without thinking about it, he reached out to take the red pill and swallowed it.

As soon as the voodoo entered her body, Lu Zhixi let out a scream. She felt her chest and abdomen being bitten by thousands of ants.

“Father, father… help me… help me…”

Lu Xuyang looked down at Lu Zhixi struggling and howling, but there was no emotion on his face. Instead, there was a leisure smile.

After bursts of heart-piercing screams, the voodoo completely took root in Lu Zhixi’s body.

Lu Zhixi also recovered her original beautiful appearance, even her skin was more flimsy than before. Her facial features were more gorgeous and delicate than before.

Lu Xuyang smirked with a hint of satisfaction and cold smile in his eyes, “Good, then you are qualified to give those people as pets. Zhixi, you are the stepping stone for father to knock on the door to a higher power. Don’t disappoint father!”


When Nangong Yu woke up, he saw only darkness.

There was a faint thin slit of light coming in from not far away.

Nangong Yu sat up slowly while pressing his aching head.

As soon as there was a movement, the Little Golden Dragon outside the cave noticed something and immediately shouted anxiously, “Boss, boss, how are you? Are you okay?”

While talking, he lowered the boulder that originally sealed the entrance of the cave.

The fresh air in the morning and the dazzling light came in together, allowing Nangong Yu to see the scene in front of him clearly.

Seeing this, his breathing almost stopped.

He saw a sleeping girl lying in his arms.

The girl’s black hair was loosened and spread between his legs. Her clothes were messy and torn, revealing her snow-like skin.

But on this snow white skin, there were many traces like red plums. The smooth skin looked even more gorgeous this way.

Nangong Yu gasped. He quickly took out the clothes and covered the girl.

His sharp eyes swept toward Little Golden Dragon and Li Yu who flew in, wishing to tear these 2 guys who peeked at Xi’er into pieces.

Little Golden Dragon didn’t notice Nangong Yu’s anger at all.

He was also stunned when he saw this scene, then he thought of something and said angrily, “How… how can you do this to boss… You animal… I will fight to dead with you!”

While yelling, the Little Golden Dragon’s figure suddenly became bigger as he rushed toward Nangong Yu fiercely!

Nangong Yu just casually waved his hand, and Little Golden Dragon was swept aside.

Little Golden Dragon jumped up and didn’t notice any injuries on his body, then he immediately wanted to pounce toward Nangong Yu again.

At this moment, Hexi in Nangong Yu’s arms frowned and opened her eyes.



“Miracle Healer Xi——!”

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