Chapter 1458: Nonsense

Chapter 1458: Nonsense

3 exclamations sounded in unison in the cave. They rushed toward Hexi nervously.

The few little ones in the void were blocked by Hexi when Nangong Yu went mad, so they didn’t know what happened outside.

Hexi gritted her teeth and opened her eyes. She couldn’t help but gasp.

She just felt sore all over her body, and the pain on her neck was even more burning.

As soon as she opened her eyes, she met Shang Nangong Yu’s nervous, worried, and guilty eyes. Those dark eyes were full of the reflection of her appearance.

Unlike the usual eyes, those eyes seemed to be burning with scorching flames as if they wanted to devour her.

Hexi blushed. Nangong Yu was straightforward in expressing his emotion, but his eyes had never been so naked like this.

“Boss—!” The Little Golden Dragon jumped into Hexi’s arms and angrily complained to her, “Boss, this bastard bullies you. He has gone too far. You must beat him to death! “

Bastard bullying me? Hexi was startled. She couldn’t react to it.

Nangong Yu suddenly tightened his arms around her and said hoarsely, “Xi’er, I will take the responsibility! We will get married when we go back!”

EXCUSE ME?! Hexi was dumbfounded. What the hell is going on in this early morning?

As Nangong Yu spoke, real joy emerged on his face. Even the two-way gloomy eyes shone brightly as if the joy in his heart could no longer be concealed and was about to overflow.

“Xi’er, don’t go back to Miracle Healer Academy anymore. We’ll go back to Jin Ling Kingdom City for the wedding right away. No… If you don’t want to go back to Jin Ling Kingdom City, we can go to Miracle Healer City for the wedding ceremony! I want you to become my wife right now. I will announce to the entire Miluo Continent that you are the mistress of the King of Hell Mansion!”

“Wait! Wait!” Hexi quickly interrupted Nangong Yu and jumped out of his arms. Feeling the empty coolness under Nangong Yu’s loose clothes, she blushed. She hurriedly took out clothes from the void and put them on.

She bit her lip, suppressed the strange shyness in her heart, and glared at Nangong Yu angrily, “What taking responsible? You… you don’t talk nonsense. Nothing happened to us last night.”

Little Golden Dragon and Li Yu looked at her in disbelief. After all, the scene just now was too intriguing.

Even Nangong Yu took a step forward, hugged her into his arms, stroked her supple cheeks, and said softly, “Xi’er, I have proposed to you so many times, and we even did that, you still don’t want to marry to me?”

Hexi blushed with anger, punched his chest, and said angrily, “Nangong Yu, don’t talk nonsense. I don’t believe you don’t remember what happened yesterday.”

Nangong Yu… Of course I know. Even if I’m not fully aware of what happened last night, but whether Xi’er and I did… How can I not know?

However, such a good opportunity for Xi’er to marry him early, how could Nangong Yu let it go?

He gently stroked the wound on the side of Hexi’s neck, feeling pity and guilt in his heart.

I clearly promised to protect Xi’er, but who knew that I would let her suffer this kind of injury for me.

But it won’t happen in the future. I can feel that the cold poison in his body has been completely suppressed. Although it hasn’t been expelled, it won’t recur for at least 10 years.

From now on, I will protect Xi’er and never let her suffer any harm.

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