Chapter 1460: Dragon Knight

Chapter 1460: Dragon Knight

The originally inconspicuous tear mole at the corner of the eye seemed to be a little redder now, projecting a soul-stirring charm under the sunlight.

The young man walked forward slowly, suddenly reached out to grab Hexi’s hand, slightly raised it above his head, knelt down on one knee, and bowed to her.

The deep magnetic voice like dewdrops passing through the clear bamboo leaves, giving a chilling and itching feeling one’s mind, “Beautiful lady, I will never forget your life-saving grace. No matter what you want me to do, even if you want me to contract of life and death with you, I have no complaints.”

Hexi’s first reaction was that the young man was dressed in red like fire, but his hands were frighteningly cold.

The next moment, Nangong Yu had already pulled Hexi back into his arms, hostile looked at the flirtatious and charming young man, and said coldly, “She is my woman. How dare you let Xi’er sign the life and death contract with you! I will kill you, believe it or not!”

The so-called life and death contract is generally a partnership. Don’t think I don’t know!

The young man in red shrugged his shoulders and smiled, glanced at Nangong Yu meaningfully, looked at Hexi with fluctuating eyes, and said, “My name is Ran Yi. Beautiful lady, may I call you Xi Yue?” “

The corner of Hexi’s mouth twitched. She thought to himself: Please, just call me Xi Yue! If you call me beautiful lady again, I’m going to get goosebumps.

A smile flashed across Ran Yi’s eyes. He ignored the murderous intent emanating from Nangong Yu’s body and showed a solemn expression of gratitude on his face, “Xi Yue, we beastkin clan owes you a great kindness today. No matter what is your request, as long as I can do it, our beastkin clan will never refuse.”

“Even if you want to sign a spiritual pet contract with me and let me be your mount, I will not refuse.”

Mount? Dragon Knight? Hexi widened her eyes slightly, but a trace of longing really flashed in her heart.

In her previous life, although she didn’t have much time to read novels for entertainment, she knew more or less when she was doing missions.

Dragon Knight, what a majestic name this is!

The smile in Ran Yi’s eyes was even bigger, but 2 guys were completely upset.

Nangong Yu straightened Hexi’s face and said threateningly, “Xi’er, I don’t allow this guy to be your contracted dragon, let alone ride on him. If you dare to sign a spiritual pet contract with him, I will kill him now!”

The Little Golden Dragon, who had already returned to the void, also jumped out angrily. He was stomping in the air furiously, “Who said that the boss is going to sign a contract with you? If boss wants a dragon mount, she can sit on me. I will soon become a real golden dragon.”

“Boss, you are not allowed to sign a spiritual pet contract with an annoying and coquettish guy, absolutely not!”

Hexi grabbed Nangong Yu’s hand from her face and said with a smile, “He is the majestic Beastkin King, a divine beast that has been promoted to rank 12. Do you think he will really become my mount? Can you 2 calm down?”

Ran Yi’s eyes flickered. A deep and magnetic voice sounded with a hint of a smile, “Xi Yue, it hurts my heart too much for you to say that. I’m really willing to be your spiritual pet.”

Hexi didn’t show the slightest touch, but she half-smiled and looked at him, “The premise is that I can help you cure the disease of Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree, right?”

The smile on Ran Yi’s face froze.

Li Yu couldn’t help exclaiming, “Miracle Healer Xi, how… how do you know?”

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