Chapter 1461: Condition

Chapter 1461: Condition

Hexi was smiling without speaking. She was just playing with Nangong Yu’s hand while looking at Ran Yi casually.

It wasn’t until Ran Yi, the Beastkin King, was slightly sweating on his forehead, that Hexi said calmly, “I’m a doctor. Although I don’t know much about the symptoms of the spiritual plant, the Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree is no longer considered a simple tree, but an intelligent creature. Whether the spiritual power and breath fluctuation of each intelligent creature is disordered or sick, I can more or less tell the difference.”

Ran Yi stared at Hexi in a daze for a long while, then he let out a breath and said, “Miracle Healer Xi is really capable.”

He suddenly bent down and bowed deeply to Hexi. His tone was sincere, and the enchanting smile just now was no longer on his face, “Miracle Healer Xi, Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree is as important and precious to our beastkin clan just like a mother. If the Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree dies, it means that the beastkin of in the magical beast forest will also perish. I only hope that Miracle Healer Xi can save the sacred tree and our beastkin clan. Your great kindness, we will never forget it for the rest of our lives .”

Hexi folded her hands on his chest and said with a leisurely smile, “I remember, you Beastkin King still owes me a life-saving favor, right? Now you owe me another favor of saving your mother, are you sure you can pay them back?”

Ran stood up suddenly. The pair of peach eyes were sparkling, looking charming and also persistent, “Even if Miracle Healer Xi asks me to devote my life and marry you, I will never refuse.”

Nangong Yu drew out his long sword and said with a sneer, “Why don’t I let you pay for it with your life?”

Ran Yi glanced at Nangong Yu with a dimmed glance, “Soul Splitting Stage. You haven’t been mixed with any upper realm breath, and you haven’t gone through the tribulation… I admit that your cultivation strength is really good. I’m really not your opponent before I have gone through the tribulation, but now? I’m afraid it will not be so easy for you to kill me.”

Nangong Yu’s eyes were cold and his lips curved slightly, “Try it, then you’ll know.”

Hexi quickly grabbed Nangong Yu’s sword-holding hand and made a pause gesture to Ran Yi, “Beastkin King, I don’t need you to devote your life to me. I hope you can help me save a beastkin. “


Hexi didn’t wait for Ran Yi to ask again, and she waved and released Wu Qi who was sleeping in the void.

Xiao Li came out together with Wu Qi.

Ah!” Li Yu couldn’t help exclaiming when she saw Wu Qi, “King, he’s the brother of the wolf clan.”

A trace of surprise flashed across Ran Yi’s eyes.

He didn’t know this little wolf beastkin, but he had a familiar beastkin heritage aura that belonged to their magical beast forest lineage.

Moreover, this little wolf beastkin’s talent was very good, but now it had been hollowed out by people. He was almost relying on something to stay alive, otherwise he would have died already.

When Ran Yi’s eyes fell on Xiao Li, his astonishment turned into shock in an instant, “The nine-tailed silver fox!!”

She also belongs to our magical beast forest lineage, but… But she is actually the nine-tailed silver fox that is rarer and nobler than me, the pterosaur?

Where did these two little guys come from? They obviously belong to our lineage, but why have I never seen them before?

Hexi pointed at Wu Qi and said, “If you can cure him, I will consider you repaying the grace of saving your life.”

Ran Yi looked at Hexi with complicated eyes and said a hoarse voice, “Xi Yue, they are beastkins, why are you being so nice to them? Even if you don’t let me save this little wolf beastkin, I can’t watch my people die.”

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