Chapter 1462: Terminate the Contract

Chapter 1462: Terminate the Contract

Hexi frowned and said naturally, “They recognize me as their master, believe me, follow me, and treat me as a relative and friend, so I of course give them shelter. There is no why. Does it matter whether they are human or beastkin?”

Ran Yi was stunned for a while, then he murmured after a while, “Yes, it really doesn’t matter.”

He suddenly smiled and said slowly, “Okay, Xi Yue, I promise to save him.”

“And because of you, I will cancel the revenge action against human beings. Even if I really want revenge, I will find the real mastermind and will not involve innocent people.”

Hexi glanced at Wu Qi, “Can you cure Wu Qi?”

Ran Yi smiled faintly. He spread out his slender and fair hand, and a few green beads appeared in his palm.

Hexi was startled, “Wood Vitality Pearl?!”

“Originally, I didn’t necessarily have a solution.” Ran Yi said, “But there are quite a few Wood Vitality Pearls in the storage bags left behind by the people from the upper realm. Although they may not necessarily be extracted from the body of this little wolf beastkin, but with my current ability, there is still a way to purify the inherited bloodline in the Wood Vitality Pearl and reintegrate it into the little wolf beastkin.”

“Perhaps after waking up, the little wolf beastkin’s talent will decline and his cultivation will drop a lot, but at least he can survive.”

As soon as Xiao Li heard that Wu Qi could survive, tears welled up in her eyes. She knelt down to Ran Yi, “It’s enough as long as it keeps my brother alive. Brother Blue Dragon, thank you, wuuu… thank you! “

Ran Yi was stunned slightly.

I have been the Beastkin King for decades, and this is the first time someone calls me… Brother Blue Dragon. This little girl is only at rank 5, can she see through my original form?

He took a breath before smiling and said, “Little girl, if you want to thank, thank your master Xi Yue…”

Before Ran Yi finished speaking, Xiao Li threw herself into Hexi’s arms, weeping with joy while hugging her waist.

Rescuing Wu Qi was not in a hurry, Ran Yi asked Li Yu to find someone to take Wu Qi to the bottom of the Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree, where there was abundant vitality. It could make Wu Qi recover better.

Ran Yi looked at Xi Yue and pleaded more solemnly, “Miracle Healer Xi, the Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree has reached the period when it bears holy fruits once in a thousand years. As long as you are willing to cure the Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree, we beastkin would like to offer half of the holy fruits to you.”

Heavenly mulberry holy fruit was rare. Its value was unmeasurable by crystal stone even in Siam Continent.

It was not a small gain to get half of the holy fruits.

Hexi smiled and said, “I can help you cure Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree, but I still have 2 conditions.”

Ran Yi hurriedly said in joy, “Please tell.”

“First, during my treatment, except for Nangong Yu, no other beastkin or people can come near me.”

Ran Yi was taken aback. Suddenly, he remembered the powerful vitality he felt when he was promoted. Something flashed in his mind. He nodded in agreement immediately without thinking too much about it.

“Secondly, I hope that after I revive Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree, you can terminate the life and death contract between me and Xiao Li.”

As soon as Hexi said this, Xiao Li straightened up from her arms, looked at Hexi with red eyes in disbelief, and said in a hoarse voice, “Miss, why? You don’t want Xiao Li?”

A blue light flashed in Ran Yi’s eyes. He glanced at Hexi and Xiao Li, and he was slightly shocked, “You… you actually signed a life and death contract with this little fox beastkin?!”

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