Chapter 1463: Xiao Li’s Tears

Chapter 1463: Xiao Li’s Tears

Many humans would sign a contract with beastkin, but almost no one would sign a life and death contract, usually a master-servant contract.

How many human beings would be willing to live and die together with a beast?

Xiao Li didn’t seem to hear Ran Yi’s words, but she just grabbed Hexi’s sleeve and said with a panicked face, “Miss, you were just joking, right? You won’t abandon Xiao Li, right?”

Hexi reached out and touched Xiao Li’s head, and she said softly, “Xiao Li, I believe you can feel it too. You can’t get any greater improvement by following me, whether you are in the Sealed Dragon Domain or by my side.”

“But this magical beast forest has a great fit with your beastkin power. As long as the Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree is cured, you will definitely be able to get a good improvement if you stay here. In other words, as long as you stay here, you and Wu Qi can only improve.”

Of course, Xiao Li has long felt the kindness and attachment to this magical beast forest.

Even, when she saw Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree, she felt like returning to her mother’s arms and she was reluctant to leave.

But, so what? No matter how kind the magical beast forest is to me, it can’t compare to Miss who saved me and cared for me.

Xiao Li held Hexi’s hand and said in a sobbing tone, “Miss, I don’t want to become stronger, I just want to stay by your side. Don’t drive me away, okay?”

Hexi glanced at Wu Qi and said, “Even if you can bear it and stay strong, but after your brother wakes up this time, his body will become very weak. Only by staying in the magical beast forest can he heal his injuries better. He has no ability to protect himself now. Are you willing to leave him alone?”

Xiao Li took a look at Wu Qi who was still in a coma, and she immediately burst into tears.

She couldn’t bear to leave Miss, and she also couldn’t bear to leave Brother.

“Silly girl!” Hexi hugged her into his arms. She couldn’t help but whisper, “The magical beast forest is not far away in another world. Even if you and Wu Qi stay here, I can still come to see you. When you 2 are strong enough, you can also come to me. We will always have a chance to meet again.”

Xiao Li raised her tear-filled face, grabbed Hexi’s sleeve, and said with an aggrieved face, “But why does Miss want to terminate the contract with me? It’s like Miss doesn’t want me anymore.”

Hexi smiled and glanced at Ran Yi. After sensing Ran Yi’s meaningful gaze, she smiled and rubbed Xiao Li’s head, “The life and death contract was originally just to save you, so I had no choice. But now that we are going to separate, if the life and death contract is kept, it will become shackles instead.”

“If one day I’m seriously injured and you are at the moment of breakthrough, your vitality will be passed on to me, and your breakthrough will fail at that time. In turn, Xiao Li, you also don’t want that when I’m at a critical moment, I’m dead because my vitality automatically flows to you, right?”

“No! No! Xiao Li doesn’t want Miss to die!” Xiao Li hugged Hexi nervously, feeling extremely aggrieved in her heart, but she still sobbed, “Xiao Li is willing to terminate the contract with Miss, but Miss, don’t forget Xiao Li. You must come and visit Xiao Li in the future.”

Hexi also felt sour in her mind. She even wanted to throw the little girl into the void and never let her out again.

But in the end, she endured it, patted Xiao Li on the head, and asked her to accompany Wu Qi to the Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree first.

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