Chapter 1464: Grateful

Chapter 1464: Grateful

“Why don’t you tell her that you want to terminate the contract with her so that she can better inherit her beastkin bloodline? Maybe even become the king of this magical beast forest one day?”

Hexi turned her head to meet Ran Yi’s deep eyes, and she said with a faint smile, “It doesn’t matter. As long as I know that she is doing well, that’s enough.”

Since breaking through and activating the wood source, Hexi had a feeling of spiritual connection with this magical beast forest.

Therefore, as soon as Xiao Li appeared in the magical beast forest, she felt that Xiao Li belonged to this forest.

Moreover, Xiao Li’s inherited bloodline was extremely noble; so noble that she would one day stand at the top of this forest; so noble that she was destined to be a king by birth.

However, if Xiao Li still signed a life and death contract with her, regardless of whether Hexi would bring the crisis to her, not all beastkins in the magical beast forest would agree to a human spiritual pet to become their king.

When she signed the contract with Xiao Li, she just wanted her to live a good life. She never treated Xiao Li, Little Egg and the rest as spiritual pets.

Ran Yi clenched his fist and put it on his heart and bowed slightly toward Hexi. His movements were graceful and elegant like flowing clouds and flowing water, but his expression was very solemn, “Xi Yue, please let me express my gratitude to you again.”

Afterward, he raised his head and said with dignified and serious eyes, “This time, for real, do you want me to be your mount? Even without a contract, I’m willing to serve you for a hundred years.”

What responded to him was Nangong Yu who swept his long sword across the air and Hexi’s helpless smile.


Hexi stood under the Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree. There was no beastkin beside her. Only Nangong Yu was by her side.

But Hexi didn’t try to heal the sacred tree, but she looked at the handsome young man not far away who was emitting green light from his body.

Hexi looked at the young man with eyes full of doting and pity, just like looking at the most important relative in the world.

Nangong Yu looked down and saw her eyes looking at the young man, and jealousy surged in his heart.

In Xi’er’s heart, the most important thing was definitely this younger brother, even he had to stand back.

This made him even more determined to marry Xi’er immediately when they got home.

Nangong Yu narrowed his eyes. He decided to start preparing for the wedding as soon as he returned to Jin Ling Kingdom City.

But before that, he had to inform those people of his decision to marry Xi’er immediately.

No one could influence his decision!

After a long time, Xiao Chi who was sitting in front of the Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree finally opened his eyes slowly.

He blinked his long eyelashes, moved his hands and feet again, and felt indescribably comfortable all over.

The Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree above also swayed. The branches and leaves made a “rustling” sound. The five-color luster of the leaves flowed as if expressing their own comfort and gratitude.

Xiao Chi didn’t understand why he was so comfortable. He only knew that his sister told him to channel the Circle of Life under the tree and inject green spiritual power into the tree, and he did it.

Xiao Chi quickly ran to Hexi’s side, rubbing against Hexi’s neck like a cute pet, and then obediently lay down on her lap, “Sister… it’s done…”

Facing the young man’s clear, crystal-like purple eyes, Hexi’s eyes unconsciously showed a gentle and doting smile.

She gently stroked the young man’s soft hair, “Xiao Chi did a great job and helped sister a lot.”

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