Chapter 1465: Prophecy

Chapter 1465: Prophecy

Xiao Chi immediately frowned happily. His clear eyes were like amethyst reflecting the light of the sun.

He rubbed Hexi’s hand on his face and murmured coquettishly: “Sister likes it… Xiao Chi is so happy!”

Hexi smiled and said, “Xiao Chi will also practice the technique that sister taught you every day without interruption, understand?”

Xiao Chi nodded obediently.

Every time Xiao Chi channeled the Circle of Life, he also felt comfortable all over. Originally, he couldn’t cultivate, and he couldn’t help his sister, but since he practiced this technique, he felt that he became more powerful and smart.

Xiao Chi didn’t care if he was powerful or not. As long as he could help his sister, he would be very happy.

After sending Xiao Chi into the void, Hexi prepared to leave with Nangong Yu and told Beastkin King that her mission had been completed.

As they had just taken a step, Hexi suddenly heard an old voice, “Wood source, please wait a moment.”

Hexi stopped and looked back, but she didn’t see anyone talking.

Nangong Yu asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Did you hear anything…”

“Wood source, humans can’t hear my voice, and neither can ordinary beastkin. Only you, I can talk to you.”

Hexi suddenly looked at Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree and said in disbelief, “It’s you talking to me?”

A tree can actually talk?!

“It’s me.” The Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree shook its branches and leaves, and the old voice sounded again, “Can I speak to you alone?”

After a pause, Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree added, “It’s just that you and I. The man next to you and your spiritual pets can’t listen.”

Hexi frowned, she somehow felt that there was urgency and worry in Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree’s voice as if it wanted to tell her something important.

After hesitating for a moment, she let Nangong Yu leave first. The little ones in the void were also released and let Nangong Yu take them away.

Although Nangong Yu was full of doubts, he couldn’t feel any danger around, so he didn’t disobey Hexi’s decision in the end.

After Nangong Yu and the others left, the Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree shook its branches and said urgently, “I can sense that a dangerous aura is approaching you. It is a greedy person who wants to snatch your wood source. You must be careful!”

Hexi frowned. She thought of Lu Xuyang who had escaped.

Lu Xuyang said at the beginning that the wood source was on her body. Although he hadn’t confirmed it and the wood spiritual root had not been detected on her, it was obvious that the person was not dead. He was a huge hidden danger to her.

Hexi looked up at Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree, “Is this your prophecy ability?”

“Yes.” The old voice was a little tired, but it was also grateful, “Our Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree Clan has the ability to protect, pray, purify, and prophecy. It’s just that I’m too weak. I was infected before I became adult, so I can’t grow into the real Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree.”

“Without you today, the wood source, in a few years, I will be completely infested with filth and wither. So in order to thank you, I tried the ability of prophecy. But the result is chaos. Wood source, I can’t see your future. I only know that it is very dangerous.”

Hexi let out a breath slowly, “I know. I will be careful in the future. Sacred Tree, thank you!”

The Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree shook violently, then the fruits on it fell down.

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