Chapter 1466: Your Mission

Chapter 1466: Your Mission

Before the fruits landed on the ground, they jumped onto Hexi’s body spontaneously. They even went into her void right away.

“These heavenly mulberry holy fruits are important to beastkin, but they are not necessary. I will give them to you, hoping to help you escape the catastrophe.”

Hexi looked up at the Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree and saw that there were only 3 heavenly mulberry holy fruits left on the Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree. She was dumbfounded.

Ran Yi originally promised to give her half of the heavenly mulberry holy fruits, but now, the Sacred Tree gave her 90% of it.

If Ran Yi found out, he won’t be mad right?

However, she would not refuse the kindness of the Sacred Tree. She solemnly thanked the Sacred Tree.

Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree said again, “Wood source, if… you don’t mind, you can take a piece of my branch. Because the wood source in your body, as long as you keep it by your side and plant it well, one day it may become a real Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree.”

Hexi was taken aback, “Break your branch? Wouldn’t you be weak then? Why would you help me to such extent?”

Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree gently shook the branches, and a broken branch fell into Hexi’s hand.

The branch and leaves were still emitting silver light, which dazzled Hexi’s eyes.

But Hexi had an illusion that this branch and leaves seemed to be very happy after it was in her hand.

Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree’s voice became weaker, but it was very happy. “Wood source is the source of power for all creatures in the world, especially plants, birds and animals. Only when the wood source survives well, can the grass and trees flourish. The wood source that is taken away is just a tool. A cluster of energy that is used. It cannot make everything grow. It can only destroy all natural creatures.”

“So, you must protect the wood source! That is your mission. It is also the prayer of all creatures in the world!”


Until Hexi regrouped with the people of the Miracle Healer Academy, she was still thinking about the words of Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree in her mind.

The branch of the Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree had been planted in the Ancient Rhyme Spiritual Field.

Little Egg, Little Golden Dragon and Little Red Bird went crazy with joy when they saw Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree.

Seeing Hexi’s puzzled face, Little Red Bird even despised her with disgust.

In Little Egg’s words, it was, “That is the Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree. If you live with the sacred tree, you will get good luck and blessings. Especially the beastkin, its strength will improve by leap and bound.”

Even Little Dumb Cow, who was usually dull and silly, liked to get close to the sacred tree.

The spiritual herbs in the Ancient Rhyme Spiritual Field, which were already growing well, were happily swaying branches, leaves and flowers. Even the man-eating bees finally started to build a nest on the Golden Bodhi Tree. Before that, the man-eating bees didn’t regard the void as their own territory. Apart from collecting honey, they kept trying to find a way to return to their nest every day.

Hexi was also speechless. She didn’t expect that the branch of the Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree would have this effect. She just didn’t know if those holy fruits were really so miraculous.

Hexi didn’t ask Xiao Li to see her off. She just told Ran Yi to take good care of the little fox.

The people of the Huang Medical Branch were naturally overjoyed to see Hexi safe and sound.

Zeng Shouyue even stroked his beard and smiled delightedly.

As for Deputy Dean Jiang, they felt a little complicated to see Xi Yue.

This was 17 years old young man was once kicked out of Heaven Medical Branch by them and insulted and rejected by many students, but in just a few months, he shook and changed the entire Miracle Healer Academy.

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