Chapter 1467: Back To Miracle Healer Academy

Chapter 1467: Back To Miracle Healer Academy

Advanced from the Foundation Establishment stage to the Gold Core Stage, could dispel the corpse puppet virus, healed the soul-searched people, and now she even saved more than half of the elders and students of the Miracle Healer Academy with her own power.

And her strength had surpassed most of the elders.

Deputy Dean Jiang didn’t even know what attitude he should use to talk to this unusual student, “Student Xi Yue, would … would you like to go back to Miracle Healer Academy?”

“Of course! Why don’t you want to go back!” Zeng Shouyue was anxious when he heard that. He grabbed Hexi, pulled her sleeve tightly, and said with a fierce gaze, “Old Man Jiang, what do you mean by that? Xi Yue contributes the most this time. He is also the treasure of our Huang Medical Branch. Do you still want to drive him out of Miracle Healer Academy?! If you dare to drive Xi Yue away, I will go with him!”

“We will go too!” Huang Medical Branch shouted without hesitation, “Wherever Xi Yue goes, we will go too!”

Deputy Dean Jiang’s face was flushed. He said embarrassingly and angrily, “What nonsense are you talking about? How could I drive Xi Yue away? I just… Xi Yue’s current ability has far surpassed the elders like us. I just want to ask Xi Yue if she is still willing to stay at Miracle Healer Academy?”

When Deputy Dean Jiang said this, everyone was dumbfounded.

Zeng Shouyue pulled a bunch of his beard off, but he didn’t feel any pain at all. Instead, he frowned tightly.

The people from Huang Medical Branch stared at Xi Yue nervously, for fear that she would say not going back to Miracle Healer Academy.

Not to mention Huang Medical Branch, people of the other branches were also staring at Xi Yue. After this disaster, Xi Yue was like a savior in their hearts. She had become an idol that most people admired and yearned for.

No one wants his idol to leave, right?

Hexi smiled slightly. Under Zeng Shouyue’s anxious gaze, she slowly said, “I haven’t finished reading many books in the Miracle Healer Academy library. At least until the end of this year, I will not leave Miracle Healer Academy.”

Hexi’s words made everyone present breathe a sigh of relief.

Deputy Dean Jiang said even more excitedly, “Xi Yue, don’t worry, when you go back, I will give you the highest authority. You can borrow any books from the library at will. Except for top-secret materials, it doesn’t matter even if you want to make a copy of all books.”

“I just hope that Xi Yue, you can occasionally help the students of our academy in their cultivation if it doesn’t bother you.”

The students of Huang Medical Branch used to be trash before. However, after Xi Yue entered Huang Medical Branch, they improved quickly. 2 of them even advanced to the Gold Core Stages in just a few months. How could he not be excited by this?

Hexi smiled, neither refusing nor agreeing.

Seeing that Hexi was still willing to stay at Miracle Healer Academy, the people of the Huang Medical Branch jumped up excitedly. All of them wanted to accompany Hexi to walk out of the magical beast forest.

However, meeting the cold eyes of Nangong Yu who had disguised his face again, the group of people shrank back immediately.

They didn’t know how strong this man was, but the aura exuding from him was really terrifying.

But this man’s behavior of monopolizing Xi Yue was really annoying. They really wanted to throw him out.

Hexi glanced at Nangong Yu, whose eyes were somewhat gloomy, couldn’t help but hold his finger, and said in a low voice, “Are you angry that I’m going back to Miracle Healer Academy?”

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