Chapter 1469: Revenge Taken

Chapter 1469: Revenge Taken

A fiery flame burst out from the end of the whip. The great elder felt a burning pain in his chest. He couldn’t help screaming loudly due to the pain.

That flame was the real fire of extreme yang that could melt the hardest things in the world.

The great elder channeled his spiritual power desperately, almost using half of his fundamental essence to barely be able to extinguish the flame on him.

However, he soon discovered that the originally indestructible golden silk on his body had also been burned to ashes.

He was free.

The great elder laughed loudly, “Ouyang Haoxuan, King of Hell Nangong Yu. Just wait for it. When I regroup with the Venerable and Patriarch, we will definitely tear you to pieces. Today humiliation you did to our Feng Family, we will repay it thousands of times in the future.”

The great elder and everyone in the Feng Family on Wuliang Mountain still didn’t know about it.

The large force of the Feng Family had been completely wiped out in the magical beast forest. Only Venerable Mu Hua, whose half dantian and heart had been hollowed out, managed to escape like a dog. He no longer had any power to resist.

The great elder was about to run away after finishing his harsh words.

Ouyang Haoxuan just smiled slightly. A quaint and elegant long sword — Red Lotus slowly appeared in his hand.

Just when the great elder thought he was about to reach a teleportation array of the Feng Family, Ouyang Haoxuan suddenly soared into the air and gently swung the Red Lotus Sword.

The great elder who was about to activate the teleportation array suddenly felt a strong crisis.

When he turned around, he saw a red flame flashing along the long red sword, which looked like a female saber, and rushing toward him.

The great elder wanted to take out his defensive magic weapon, but he couldn’t. Only then did he remember that his storage ring had been taken away when he was caught.

It’s still fine. Ouyang Haoxuan is only at the Gold Core Stage. I’m at the Nascent Soul Stage intermediate stage, can it be that my protective shield can’t block a Gold Core Stage attack?

The great elder cast his shield. The flame was really blocked by it.

Just as the great elder smiled, he suddenly looked shocked. The next moment, the protective shield shattered.

Immediately afterward, the flame swept toward him. The overwhelming burning pain made him scream and roll around.

Ouyang Haoxuan sneered; his smile was elegant and cruel.

All the people present looked at him with weird eyes and kept silent.

Apart from the sound of the wind, what they heard was the heart-piercing screams of the great elder who was being burned, but couldn’t be burned to death no matter what.

Xuan Wu swallowed. He looked at Ouyang Haoxuan and said, “Brother Ouyang, have you… advanced to the Nascent Soul Stage?”

Ouyang Haoxuan nodded, but he did not speak. He just looked at the distant sky.

There were white clouds and green mountains towering into the sky, but there was nothing else.

But there is also the direction of Jin Ling Kingdom City, his once warm and happy home.

Ouyang Haoxuan closed his eyes, feeling the turbulent emotions beating his heart like waves, but his face was calm.

Ouyang Haoxuan felt very reconciled for not being able to skin that bastard Feng Yunjing with his own hands and make him taste the feeling of living hell.

However, thinking that it was Xi Yue who killed Feng Yunjing herself, he felt relieved.

The revenge has taken, but my family also disappeared. Now, the only thing left for me is… Xi Yue.

“General Xuan, Mr. Ouyang!” An Iron Kirin soldier said anxiously.

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